This was my second private trip with Oryx combined with my 6th Oryx group tour. I have two additional Oryx group tours on the horizon. The private trips allow significantly more individual instruction, both in photography and the digital darkroom. In addition, the daily itinerary is totally up to you. Penny Robartes was an exceptional tour leader who constantly gave me invaluable advice on camera settings, animal behavior, composition, and Lightroom processing. While I was very happy with my images and instruction from the group part of the tour, the private tour was a step or two up in quality. I plan to do more private tours in the future. I can't say enough about my experiences with Penny, Dale, and Marius. I can't imagine traveling with anyone else. I had the pleasure of meeting Nicolette for lunch prior to my tour. She has been so helpful over the years answering my many questions and making sure everything was arranged.
By Michael M for Mashatu – Hides & Predators Photo Safari 2021 Morse Extension on 26 Oct, 2021