Past Trips


I had an amazing time at this retreat. It was my first retreat experience, and I'm so glad I did this with Mary as the guide. She really knows her way around the location, and goes to every effort to make it a great time for everyone. I learned a lot in group activities, and also had flexibility to explore on my own.
Our adventures in Estes Park, CO were amazing. Not on the scenery was fantastic but the food, hiking, group of women were outstanding. Mary is an excellent SUP yoga instructor and I love that she is always up for an adventure. Mary always had breakfast ready in the morning and was always working with the group to best find the perfect flow of activities for the day. I loved that she allowed us to have flexibility in what we wanted to do. Our group was a bit disappointed in the accommodations for this trip but Mary did her best to accommodate and refund us some money for the inconvenience. I look forward to future yoga retreats with old and new friends.
This trip was WONDERFUL! Telluride is such a beautiful place and Mary orchestrated such a beautiful retreat for us! We did yoga, went on hikes, did stand up paddle boarding at a gorgeous lake in the mountains, and just had a blast. Our condos were beautiful and breakfast was made for us every morning. The Yoga Writing Workshop was fantastic, and so were the meditations. Mary has a gift and I would recommend one of these retreats to ALL women. It was a much needed getaway. I can't wait to do another!
While Telluride was beautiful and we had an amazing trip, it wasn't without some hiccups that could have been avoided had there been better planning and a smaller group. We very much enjoyed the yoga practice (both on & off the water), but we never hiked with the group. The schedule and means for communicating said schedule often changed and we were trying not to be tied to technology. While the accomodations were lovely, our condo was quite small for 4 adult women. We shared one small bathroom and two of us were required to sleep in bunk beds built into the walls (probably better suited for children) in the hallway. Not enough space for us to unpack for 5 days. Our saving grace was that we had an outdoor patio to retreat to. The main house where several of the women stayed was spacious and beautiful and because these ladies were together, I also believe they had a far different and more connected experience than we did. For the cost, the trip did not meet my expectations. With that said, I'd highly recommend for SUP yoga, but personally wouldn't book another destination excursion. I hope this is helpful feedback for future trip planning.
We had a wonderful retreat! Mary is extremely accommodating and chill, we liked that aspect of the trip, but I do wish there had been a bit more structure involved. Overall, I was happy to have my activities planned which saved my group from the "uh, what should we do now" moments and allowed us just to morph from one activity to the next. "Yoga" in the moment :) Telluride is so beautiful and if you have the opportunity to do this trip with Mary it was well worth it! The variety of activities planned really helped us see the most of Telluride, and there was a lot of flexibility to eat and shop and explore town and the surrounding areas. Definitely an overall adventure retreat w/some yoga (so if you're looking for JUST a yoga experience, this probably isn't for you).
Beautiful location but the planning and communication didn’t meet expectations. Problems always occur on any trip, but remained unaddressed and unresolved throughout the duration of the trip for many in the group (parking, paddleboard rentals and transit, daily itinerary, lodging as promised, add on bookings). Lovely people, met wonderful new friends, but disappointing guest service on the part of the organizer.
Yoga teacher was nice but the retreat lacked organization. Communication was inconsistent during the retreat. Events started right on time or 1/2 an hour - 1 hour late without advanced notice. Only yoga once a day and 1 day of SUP over a 4 night trip. Have been on much better retreats and wouldn’t recommend this one to a friend.
I had an awesome time.. Mary Susan was fantastic, very enthusiastic, taught me a lot about yoga,and the hiking was spectacular. The accommodations which was her family cabin was unbelievable and I loved the night we roasted marshmallows in the fireplace and had s’mores. The best!!! Thank-you again Mary Susan !!!