Past Trips


Maryn led our group through a truly life changing experience. I cannot believe how much progress I, and EVERYone else in the group, made in just 2 days! Because Maryn truly communicates from her heart, you find yourself gripping to every word -- absorbing more information in a short weekend than you would ever think possible. Thank you for creating such a positive, judgement free environment, and thank you for pushing me! I truly turned over a new leaf with your help. I cannot recommend attending this retreat enough!
From seed to fruition, all aspects of the experience were imbued with love, thoughtfulness, nurturance, and care. Thank you to everyone at Ravencrest!
This was an amazing retreat. Maryn and Mia were fabulous luminaries, creating a safe nurturing environment for growth and exploration. The property was majestic, all of the people on staff are easily approachable, knowledgeable, and wiling to help. The food was fresh, healthy and delicious.
Maryn and Mia provided a wonderful experience using drumming as a means of meditation. We did a vision quest and a spirit journey, as guided meditations, to the accompaniment of drumming. We also did a water ceremony and a pipe ceremony, following Native American traditions (Ojibwa and Lakota), with excellent background explanations and paraphernalia. Also learned Native American chants. Sam Perry gave a wonderful walk-in-the-woods introduction to herbs and their use. We learned and practiced drum rhythms. The food was absolutely suburb vegetarian fare, from the Raven Crest Farm. The experience was fun, meditatively meaningful and full of warm camaraderie. I thoroughly enjoyed it and would highly recommend it.
Absolutely THE most unforgettable, freeing experience. If you want to find your own voice in the sounds of distant coyotes, wind in the pines, healing human vibrations, primal screams, digeridoos, oms, drums and quiet conversations while finding your balance in pine straw, water, fire, stars, music, gratitude and human experience, do find your way to Raven Crest. The farm's forests, ponds, ceremonial perches and brilliant night skies are other-worldly. Amazing, home-grown organic meals, herbs and earth-friendly fruit and vegetable fields nourish and ground all who enter this place. Maryn is a master of the voice and ray of love sent directly from the sun herself.
I had an amazing time at the Songbird Retreat. Maryn did an exceptional job thoughtfully planning the experience for every participant. The meals were delicious. The activities were intense, but done with care and love. I really enjoyed learning about the Bija mantras, anatomy of the voice, and somatic singing activities. I would do this program all over again, because I learned a lot, and I had a great time with a loving, non-judgmental community of singers at different stages of their development.
The Weekend far exceeded all expectations. Ravencrest is brilliantly perfect- Wherever you go, the woods, the pond, the swing, the nest, the immaculate accommodations and the feeling that you are on sacred ground, is the perfect setting to escape into the quiet. The hospitality of Sam, the freshness and taste of the food from the talented chef, and with the guidance and patience of Maryn, the retreat helped all the songbirds let go and find their voice. I can't wait to go back.... Namaste Jeffrey
This was a carefully thought out, non-sectarian silent meditation retreat in a beautiful setting. The meditation practice was serious and effective, and was very beneficial. The retreat center was a completely natural and peaceful wooded area with no outside noise or distraction. Vegetarian food was amazing and healthy and the accommodations were beautifully designed and decorated. I couldn't have imagined anything more perfect for what I was looking for, I hope to return for another retreat soon.