Michelle is by far one of the best yoga instructors I've ever had. In addition, she's so kind and sweet. My first class with her was at LA fitness 8 years ago and I never forgot how good she was. Years later, I stumbled into one of her classes at the Ymca and I was so happy to find her. Then, I was lucky enough to participate in her Pura Vida retreat in Costa Rica this year. It was an amazing experience for me. She planned the trip so well. In addition to yoga, she had so many other physical and social activities planned for us. Her energy is so pure, vibrant, and infectious, that everywhere we went became alive. In addition, she drew the most amazing group of people into her practice and to this yoga retreat. I am grateful to have made so many friends through Root 2 Rise yoga and I look forward to many more retreats, hikes, yoga classes and/ or anything else Michelle plans for us. I would recommend Root 2 Rise yoga to anybody -Ani A
By Ani A for Freedom to Flow: Nature, Culture + Yoga Adventure Retreat on 04 Jul, 2018