Past Trips

Killington Ski and Stay Weekend
Killington Ski and Stay Weekend
Killington, VT, United States
28 Feb, 20
Killington Ski and Stay Weekend
Killington Ski and Stay Weekend
Killington, VT, United States
2 Mar, 18
Jay Peak ski + stay Flash Sale!
Jay Peak ski + stay Flash Sale!
Jay Peak, VT, United States
21 Jan, 18


As always my friends and I look forward to this trip every year. From the riding to the pool party this event will remain a yearly highlight of our ski season. Thanks Snowriders!! See you next year
Talk about an unbeatable price. Our group skied all 3 days, had ski on ski off access to our back porch, and ripped it up at the water park party. All for just $269! You can't even buy 3 days of skiing anywhere else for that price. Our slopeside condo was recently renovated so the amenities were absolutely ideal. Looking forward to the next trip!
Thanks for organizing such a great trip, Snowriders! Great deal for a ski in/ski out weekend at Jay Peak!
Well organized trip, no issues at all. Really appreciated the assistance and flexibility from the organizers. We had a blast and can't wait to come back next year!
Such an awesome trip! Everything was super easy, slopeside condo was perfect. Thanks for everything!!!
Awesome time! Very convenient and fun! Loved the mountain and the pool party!!
Jay peak was really fun! and snowriders is an amazing group to travel with!! they sent an email out beforehand with everything you would need to know to have a great time. Everything went smoothly as always (i do at least one ski trip a year with them!) Highly Recomend!!
Trip was wonderful, great people and super fun! It was very well organized with nice accommodations at an amazing price. Looking forward to going next year!
Great trip, organized, were able to accommodate our needs.
We had a great time @ Jay Peak and Sunday River this year!! Best bang for your buck with the snowriders.. They make weekend ski getaways more affordable and enjoyable for us. Looking forward to next year
Had a great time. They were super helpful!
So fun as always. Been going on this trip since 2013-ish!
The trip overall was a great deal for the price. No problems with check in or anything. The water park however was MUCH busier than we expected. We did not expect that many people would have signed up through Snow Riders, so it was a "private" party with about 500 people and felt packed. Unrelated to Snow Riders - Jay Peak needs to groom more of their black diamonds, leaving most of them ungroomed when it hasn't snowed for a while is not great. It severely reduces the number of trails that you want to do multiple times. They also really need a 2nd high speed lift on the left side of the mountain.
The trip was amazing, and we will definitely be back!! However, we were pretty disappointed by our “luxury” village condo. Stayed in the slopside condos last time and thought we’d level up (and the idea of a 2nd bathroom sold us), but this basement level 2br/1bath unit was far from luxurious and was not at all as advertised. The location was awesome for getting on and off the trails, but so was our slopeside condo last time. Definitely wasn’t worth the extra money to “upgrade” to this unit, unfortunately. Next time we will just stick with slopeside. Other than that, everyone had a blast on the mountain all weekend long! Update 10/18/19: Matt from SnowRiders reached out immediately after reading my review last winter and went to extensive lengths to remedy the situation for us. This included several emails back and forth regarding expectations, the unit itself, and tracking down how we got assigned to that unit in the first place. They had a meeting with the people from jay peak who are responsible for assigning the housing and pushed for them to make things right for us. Like I said, we would have come back anyway, but the quickness with which they responded and the lengths they went to make things right for us really shows how much they truly care about EVERYONE leaving this trip nothing short of thrilled with their experience. Good customer service can be hard to come by these days, but Matt has far surpassed our expectations and reminded us that some companies DO still care very much about their customers, and for that, we are very grateful.
Our group had an AWESOME time!!! The snow conditions and weather were excellent! The pool party was also a blast! Although we had to wait almost two hours over the time we were supposed to check in, Matt, our fearless leader, was able to get us a gift card to the resort in order to make up for that delay which was really nice! Matt was extremely quick to respond to our dilemma throughout the two hour wait and he was always available when we had questions about anything. This was our groups second time on this trip and we will definitely be back next year as this is one of the funnest and most affordable ski vacations I've come across. Met a lot of great people as well! Thanks to Matt and the Snowriders team!!! See you next year!
Had a great time on this trip! My crew met the Snowriders at the Boston Ski Expo the first year they were established, and I have been going on Snowriders trips and events ever since. These guys never disappoint! Nick, Mike, and Matt have always been available for any questions or issues, and are easy to work with to accommodate any needs your group might have. This Jay Peak trip is one of the best, in particular, and the private waterpark party Saturday night is the perfect way to spice up the weekend. I would definitely recommend anything the Snowriders are involved with. If you like good vibes, great deals, and having fun you can't lose with the Snowriders!
As always the snowriders put together an outstanding trip. Everything went smoothly and me and my group had no complaints. Looking forward to the next snowriders trip that I go on.
As usual we had a blast! This has come to what we expect from this trip every year! Food options are delicious, the condos are very spacious and comfortable, and the mountain offers exciting steep terrain. We particularly lucked out w/ exceptional weather and prime conditions for shredding! The Snowriders always make this trip so easy to sign up for, we actually asked if there was a way for us to have our big group sign up individually, so we can invite as many people as we want, and leave it up to them to sign on. The Snowriders heard us, and made it happen!
We had a fantastic time. Trip was well organized, organizers were communicative, and accommodations were good. We look forward to going again next year.
This trip is always a blast! My friends and I have gone multiple years and have never had even slightly of a bad experience. If there’s ever an issue it has ALWAYS been resolved.. Unfortunately there is always people who will complain, but if you’re down to earth and just like to enjoy life’s experiences around other people with similar personalities and interests, this trip is a must! I’ll always be back. Thank you for aorganizing it guys!
Another great trip to Jay Peak. Word of caution, you market the condos as 6-person condos, but upon arrival (Timberline Cottages) there are three beds. I've had no less than 20 dirtbag ski trips with sleeping bags and air-mattresses everywhere and that is part of the experience, but your marketing statements do not state this very clearly. Next year, when booking we should have the option to book Timberline / Slopeside etc rather than being assigned. First come first serve. There is a difference in these units. Long time Snowriders customer. You guys provide a great value but as the price ticks up, options should be available.
Had a great time! Conditions were awesome and great people. Room wasn’t ready until after 630pm but didn’t stop us from having a good time. Will definitely do this trip again! Thank you
This is the shred trip I look forward to every year. Always a great time, incredible value and the best way to spend a long weekend. Thank you SnowRiders! -Dave
Hands down one of the best ski trips I have had on the last 10 years! Amazing condo, unbelievably fast shuttle service and at least 8 waterslide runs. Myself and the close to 30 other people who came in my group will be back every year! Thank you soooo much.
The weekend was everything we wanted and more. Great time at Jay Peak staying in one of their Timberline Cottages. We did have a big issue checking in, not gaining access to our room for a full two hours after the promised check-in time, and the resort service wasn't overly helpful or apologetic. Once we were able to check-in, though, things were awesome. Great weekend!
I had a great time but didn’t sleep at all, thanks to cramming 6 people into a condo that sleeps 4 in comfort. Everyone had to share a bed despite only one couple in our group. The location was great and it was a good deal but the layout of the rooms and sleeping arrangements were not transparent when booking. Also the condos are not equal — one in our group was great with large rooms and 2 bathrooms. Ours was outdated and small; very cramped for 6 adults and only 1 bath. Yet we all paid the same price. The water park was fun but boy were there a bunch of drunk 20-somethings there! The average age of my condo was 40 and we felt like everyone’s parents at the water park. My suggestion - be transparent about sleeping arrangements (you might get stuck sharing a bed!) and maybe offer condos to be shared by 4 people for a bit more $$.
We had a great time! While check-in was delayed by an hour, the mountain made reasonable effort to remedy the situation The Snowriders crew was on top of the entire situation. Snow conditions and weather were amazing. Plenty of pow stashes and terrain to never really feel like the mountain was busy. The condo was Timberline / Golf area and had plenty of space for our group. One thing we wouldn't do next time is the pool party. When we signed up we imagined it would be all evening, but didn't start until 10pm when we were already exhausted from two days of skiing. On top of that, the attendees were mostly drunk college kids, so if that is your scene, enjoy. If there is a deal next year that includes a regular water park pass vs. a 'private' (there must have been 250 people in there) pool party, we might sign up. Otherwise, Jay Peak's Ski and Stay deals come in with comparable rates and we would just buy a one-day pass to the water park. Our group is serious about skiing and getting first chair / fresh tracks, so on ski weekends we tend to go to bed early. 4 of 5 stars due to the check-in mishap and waterpark party time and clientele. Would have been 3 stars, but the organizers were always responsive and on top of things.
Such a fun weekend! The conditions were great and the water park party was a blast. I also really enjoyed all the live music options at the bars through out the afternoons. Matt and team were SUPER helpful at helping during booking and responsive to anything we needed. Will definitely be joining again! :)
Snowriders have not been able to deliver as promised.. The so called condo was essentially 2b, rather than 3b for six people. It is misleading. In addition, the rental package was not quite well organized. Participants had to reach out themselves to resolve issues.
Affordable prices and great service by the snow riders!
Great trip, good company, excellent accommodations. Amazing value for the cost.
We had an incredible time!! The trip was well organized and the accommodations were perfect. The organizers were super easy to communicate with and made booking a breeze. A fun, chill group of people out to have a good time and shred the slopes. Loved it and can't wait to do another trip with the SnowRiders!!
The trip was great, and Snowriders was amazing. Everything was taken care of and more. Very satisfied!
By Ryan Brown for Jay Peak Flash Sale on 4 Dec, 18
Great getaway, but bad timing with snow! Good food, great friends, great location. Would pay extra money for Friday night water park party cause there aren’t any local late night bars/clubs.
We had a great time. The shuttles busses were fast and friendly. The hotel was accommodating. The mountain was beautiful
Always an amazing time with SnowRiders! Great people, great deals, and fun parties!