Past Trips


Perfect trip! Nicole and Malia are the best yoga instructors I know, what a treat to spend a week with them. Plus they are warm, loving and super FUN! This trip more than delivered on food, accommodations and adventure. Victoria and LuAnn kicked it as SUP leaders—so organized and safe and also FUN!! This is my second trip with this group, would do it again!!
We had a great time with Mike and Victoria. We saw more during this trip than we would have traveled by ourselves. Was fun experiencing Puerto Jimenez with friends that has been there before. We visited all the local restaurants and craft shops, The team went our of there way to adjust planning to fit everyone's needs. Great paddling in the mangroves , jungle hiking trip , boat trip and local organic chocolate farm were on the menu. We rented a car to drive down from San Jose. This is highly recommended if you want to explore more during your trip. Great experience. Cheers untill next time.
This was such an amazing trip, I am so impatient to get back on the water and apply what I learned. Location: beautiful and quite accessible in terms of travel time and convenience. Lodging: genuine hospitality and connection with the community, plus comfortable and scenic to boot. The retreat: I learned so much! Not only from Mike & Victoria but from the great group they convened. I felt that people were really supportive and helping each other stretch to goals. Oh, and I ate delicious food and met the interesting folks who work at Palapas La Ventana. I totally recommend this retreat for anyone who wants take their paddling to the next level and have a bit of adventure. I can't wait to go again next year!
Best trip ever. After this trip, my confidence in paddling downwind in 12-20kt winds has increased significantly, thanks to semi-private instruction from Mike and kitesurf support from Victoria. The "curriculum" was first-rate and appropriately taught for all of us at differing skill levels. Such fresh seafood and amazing cuisine both at Palapas and at all the restaurants that Victoria had already sampled. Palapas Ventana was fully supported and staffed for downwind needs; I was very impressed with Tim's welcome talk and introducing his staff by name the first night. I felt very welcomed and felt like I was amongst new friends rather than just another guest. HIGHLY recommend this trip to anybody wanting to paddle rougher waters or learning to downwind surf. I can't wait to go back next year!
This trip was an A+ adventure. The Stand Up Paddle Board, biking, and hiking were expertly led by Victoria Anweiler and Amy Green with good humor, patience, and skill. Nicole Harrow is a yoga instructor extraordinaire and topped off the whole experience with both excellent yoga--flow and restorative--and her amazing ability to center everyone emotionally and spiritually. I loved every minute of it.
What a great time I had, The food and the hospitality was great. Fantastic location right on the beach and in the jungle and close to the town. Thanks to our fearless leader that showed us a great time and organizing great activities.
This trip exceeded my expectations in every possible way...we saw so many beautiful things, met fabulous people, went on great adventures, and had what felt like a much more authentic travel experience than I've had in a long time. I appreciated being encouraged to try new things as well as being given permission to relax and explore on my own; it was the perfect balance!
Great food, excellent people, activity and adventure aplenty. Can’t wait to do this trip again!
This was an adventure of a lifetime. I will never forget it. And I will be forever grateful for the opportunity and the experience that left me forever changed.
Best trip ever! Mike is a fabulous organizer, complements well with Marko of Malik Travels. Both are dynamic, energetic, great people persons! Excellent communications with participants regarding desires, checking in daily and following up with thoughts, feelings, mood, and the pulse of the group - no small feat with 16 participants. Malia and Nicole are amazing yoga instructors both on and off the board. I achieved a headstand with Malia's gentle, supportive coaching! I would recommend this trip to anybody and everybody who loves to be outdoors, whether or not they do yoga or SUP!