Found a new home, a new community of friends and a new love for the Motherland from this trip. Great food, got to see so many wild animals, lots of dancing and made honestly made memories that will last a lifetime. Best Trip of my Life!
Vlu Kenya was amazing! Very well organised and thoroughly thought out! The house was great (A family home feel). What was most amazing about the trip was the people Mikel attracted. I really bonded with the everyone in the household. What i thought was great was that, all the activities and events we attended were facilitated by young creative Kenyan entrepreneurs. We were able to bond with them, do activities with them and even be invited to their homes, Every night was a vibe! Not only were we able to learn about the history, go to a Masi village, we were also introduced to african people of the diaspora who have moved to kenya and started businesses. This trip also had a big emphasis on Spiritual health. I had some really "World Changing" experiences. Highly recommend!
An comfortable, energising and exciting experience. I'd recommend for anyone who wants to explore Africa with fellow Africans, from the continent and the diaspora. A life enriching experience with good vibes and pure sharing of joy. All talents and expertise were take shared, including the amazing food, prepared by a member of the group, Blessed to be part of it.
The experience was great, the accommodation was lovely and clean beautiful outside settings, the staff was amazing. I Met some lovely people on my travels and overall a beautiful place. Thank you to world changers.