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The experience was out of this world, especially as a solo traveler. All the women were welcoming and full of love. The ports were beautiful, I will definitely do this again in the future.
Words can't quite describe the experience of The Soulcare Retreat II: Love. But what I can say is that it was exactly what I needed in this season of my life. Sometimes you don't realize how much healing you need until you're in the middle of healing. The energy from the facilitators to the retreat goers was amazing. It felt good to be seen and heard. It felt good to shed tears and share life experiences and not be mocked or shamed or feel guilty. It felt good to be able to relax for a change. Each stop was amazing, but Barbados was my absolute favorite. The food was amazing and the people on each island were very hospitable. Whether you are healed or in the midst of your healing journey, I highly recommend going on the next Soulcare Retreat! You won't regret it. I found my tribe during this retreat so I know someone will find theirs on the next retreat. Thank you, Omi. Thank you, Honors. Thank you, Spirit. Thank you, Olanikee. Thank you, Lizzy. Each one of you are special to me. Love and Light!
This experience was Incredible in every way & utterly life changing. This trip was totally transformative. I’m so grateful for every person that I was blessed to travel with and I am greatly looking forward to our next trip together.
Had a great time. Wonderful experience. Met some great people. Thank you so much!!!
We had a wonderful time! The people were wonderful, welcoming and made everyone feel so comfortable. I enjoyed myself and will definitely be traveling with them again!
This trip was everything that I needed plus MORE. The energy from the moment we all met up was nothing I've ever experienced before on that level. I learned so much, not only from all of the amazing healers who led us but also from my new brothers and sisters. I will forever be grateful to Omi and her team for being the catalysts. My life has been forever changed from this retreat.
I had amazing time with my girls. The Jacuzzi and Spa was amazing. My Waiter and Stateroom attendant were amazing, they made me feel safe and comfortable. The fruit and food from Windjammer was great! Lobster night was a hot! And ocean view was to die for.
By Quannie Cee for The Soulcare Retreat on 30 Jan, 19