Unbelievable life changing experience. Already making plans to return. Everything was perfect. Highly recommend this tour.
By Jim M for Founders' Journey 2021 on 05 Sep, 2021
Only now that I am back in my home life, am I realizing the extent of how deeply this journey has impacted me. The founders, the facilitators, and the other group participants were more full of sweetness and more fascinating that I could have anticipated. The jungle itself took hold of my core, and the indigenous people we met, particularly the Shamans and Achuar leaders, shared their insights and kindness in ways that will stay with me forever. I am beyond grateful to have had the opportunity to experience this journey, and my life is indescribably richer because of it. Thank you Thank you Thank you.
By Philipa k for Founders' Journey 2021 on 30 Aug, 2021