Wonderful trip - great people; excellent coordination. Loved the exhibit - the venue was interesting I was sad it was so hot that we were unable to enjoy the site. Enjoyed the history of the factory turned gathering spot. Bus was comfortable but wished the microphone and wi-fi were functional. Charlotte city tour was good - wish the guide had been able to project his voice better - the back of the bus heard little to none of the tour. Shopping was fun and I did manage to purchase some great items...enjoyed a lovely lunch! Hope to go on a trip again with Patty.
By Veronica T for Immersive Van Gogh at Historic Camp North End on 21 Sep, 2021
Great idea for a trip with a great group of fellow travelers. However, if the bus does not have an operating audio system or if the tour guide cannot get his audio working change the bus and / or cancel the tour, because is was a total waste of time for the vast majority of passengers (and, one supposes, a waste of funds)
By Bill O for Immersive Van Gogh at Historic Camp North End on 05 Sep, 2021
Thank you Bill for taking the time to comment on the trip. I was deeply disappointed that I was not able to provide the Charlotte city tour experience for many passengers due to the audio difficulty. I enjoy offering quality to my clients and this definitely fell short of that. I can assure you that it won't happen again.
By Patty on 05 Sep, 2021
The Immersive Van Gogh experience is not to be missed! I am so glad Patty arranged the trip for us. The bus was comfortable and the driver exceptional. Accommodations were very comfortable.. The recommended restaurant was a treat. I enjoyed everything about this trip and look forward to traveling with Patty again. Pat D.
By Pat D for Immersive Van Gogh at Historic Camp North End on 04 Sep, 2021