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Sweet Freedom Yoga Retreat
Sweet Freedom Yoga Retreat
Mandala Springs Wellness Retreat Center, 14117 Bottle Rock Road, Cobb, California
22 Jul, 2021


great people, delicious food, comfortable housing, fun yoga flows
By Mackenzie R for Sweet Freedom Yoga Retreat on 03 Aug, 2021
Exactly what I needed!!! What an amazing experience that fills my entire being. Grateful for the magic Peter is able create by bringing together the perfect combination of people, practices and experiences. The invitation is always there to go deep or to just chill. I loved the request to “be the the best we could be”
By Tracy C for Sweet Freedom Yoga Retreat on 03 Aug, 2021
Peter when you do you, you shine. Depart from the Rusty blueprint - he has his own style; let it breathe. When you share your authentic voice, you're in your power.
By Lauren l for Sweet Freedom Yoga Retreat on 03 Aug, 2021