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Lavish Travel - Girl Gang!
Lavish Travel - Girl Gang!
Costa Mujeres, Quintana Roo, Mexico
26 Oct, 2022


I soooo enjoyed this experience. The ladies were very nice, we partied, rested and enjoyed ourselves. The travel agent was very helpful and I cannot wait to the next trip!
By Rhonda M for Destination Momcation on 31 Oct, 2021
The host did an excellent job creating themed events and keeping everyone up to date on what was happening. From excursions to travel and more, very organized with great communication! However, the resort was disappointing for me due to issues outside of the host.
By Stephanie G for Destination Momcation on 23 Aug, 2021
This trip was everything I needed, I had an amazing time, with some amazing ladies, I can't wait until Bposh books the next trip!!!
By Dorothy R for Destination Momcation on 22 Aug, 2021


I traveled with Brandi in 2021, it was a wonderful experience! Very organized and she planned awesome activities. I highly recommend Brandi!
By Andrea S on 07 Jan, 2022