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Memorial Day Weekend Yoga Camp!
Memorial Day Weekend Yoga Camp!
Boulder Creek, CA, United States
22 May, 20
Autumn Retreat to Mexico
Autumn Retreat to Mexico
Mar De Jade, Chacala
24 Oct, 20

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Great trip, had a blast! Will be back!! Rachel's the BEST!!!
Having attended several of Rachel's Yoga Camp retreats previously, I'm not at all surprised by the fact that this retreat was such a pleasure, truly the best vacation I could've taken during a hectic fall season at work. Like everything Rachel touches, the retreat was well organized and focused on relationship-building. Rachel and Lael are not only wonderful teachers but very welcoming people who created a wonderful community vibe outside our two daily yoga classes. I'm not a huge "sit on the beach and do nothing" vacation type of person, but being in beautiful Mar de Jade, where the ocean is calm and like bath water, the meals are delicious and plentiful, and the people warm and friendly made it a perfect week. Plus, there were many optional activities, like paddle boarding, hiking, and a traditional sweat lodge to do during the day for those of us who are more restless. I could've stayed an entire week in Mar de Jade, but it was nice to experience Mexican culture and celebration in Sayulita at the end of the trip. I would love to return on this retreat and will be encouraging friends from outside the Left Coast community to join me. Thank you for sending me back to the real world much calmer - and more sunburnt.
Excellent trip. Great location, people, teachers, and classes. I thoroughly relaxed and enjoyed Rocket with Lyz and prep for Bakasana with Quamay. The food was incredible!
Amazing! I brought my brother and my two nieces, 7 and 9 and we all had a great time. Food was delicious and healthy and loved the yoga. Rachel has created a wonderful community that I love being a part off. Thank you for this lovely experience!
This was my second trip to Camp Double Bear with Rachel and it was another amazing experience: deeply restorative, yet refreshingly social. Classes with Rachel, Adam, and Lael - and a massage with Kellyn - provided just what I needed when not consuming delicious food or spending time in the hot tub with friends old and new (I made my initial friends in Oakland from 2018's trip). I'll continue to go back during my time in the Bay and I hope to meet you there on a future retreat!
This was one of the best things I've ever done! Loved the people we met, the food we ate, the yoga we did!! It was all incredible and I would do it again in a heart beat. Thank you for everything Rachel! You are a gem of a human being (who creates more gem-like human beings hehe).
This yoga retreat was a wonderful experience, guided by two skilled and inspiring yoga instructors. The accommodation at Mar de Jade was perfect, serene and beautiful. The entire retreat was well organized with just the right balance of structure and free time. Can't wait until the next one. Thank you Rachel and Jenna. Highlight of 2018.
This trip was so memorable and will always have a special place in my heart. Teaching yoga in such a beautiful place with such beautiful souls was a very unique opportunity for me. The food was organic and delicious, the massage therapist on site literally healed my psoas, and the yoga rooms overlooked the Pacific Ocean and we moved to the sound of the waves. This trip was fun filled, yoga filled, and most of all .... heart filled! Can’t wait for the next one:)
Terrific trip, Rachel and Jenna are skilled and fun leaders and I would highly recommend them to everyone!
It was the perfect blend of jungle/non-city time with a dash of city excitement at the end. Great way to transition us back into the Real World after 5 days in paradise. Mar de Jade was amazing. I loved the food and accommodations. I also loved the freedom to do as little or as much as we wanted. Rachel provided us with lots of options on each day. For an extrovert/introvert like me, it was perfect. I could engage and interact with the group, and also take as much time as I needed to recharge myself on my own. Our daily yoga practice(s) were exactly what my body/mind needed to get back on track after a particularly challenging year. The group of yogis was so warm and accepting, no matter whether you're a client of the Oakland-based yoga studios or not, you would definitely feel welcomed into the crew. I will definitely be going on this retreat again next year!
The food was crazy good. The yoga was challenging and diverse. The people were sweet and beautiful spirits.
Really nice vibes the entire time! The food was INCREDIBLE and the yoga classes were top notch! Thank you so much to everyone who made this trip a success :)
This trip exceeded my expectations, which were already quite high. I enjoyed tons of yoga, delicious food, a technology-less weekend in nature, and the company of 30 wonderful yogis. I was surprised at the level of community building on this trip; I came in just wanting to enjoy a relaxing weekend, but left with a lasting community of friendly yogis in my neighborhood. Rachel created such a wonderful experience; I definitely plan on returning next year, and I hope to see you there too :)
Had a fantastic time in this very well organized retreat. Accommodations were above my expectations, food was delicious and abundant, but most importantly was welcomed by a supportive community that welcomes all and creates a safe environment for you to be you. Looking forward to attending other travels organized by Rachel!!
I miss yoga camp already! This was a such a wonderful time with a lovely group of people. The whole weekend was a beautiful example of yoga lived on and off the mat. Rachel and everyone at Left Coast did a great job of creating an open and welcoming space where folks could explore what was calling them - whether that was spending time in community and deep conversation together, relaxing with wine in the hot tub, spending some time alone and meditating or reading, laughing and playing games, or even more! The asana practices were great, with a variety of styles and freedom to join as many or as few classes as one desired. The food was delicious and made with SO MUCH love. I highly recommend this trip for just about anyone, from folks that are advanced yogis or beginners, those looking to build community in East Bay, or even someone who is just looking to spend a lovely weekend in the woods.
This trip went above and beyond my expectations—it was such a memorable and fun weekend!! Incredible food and even better company. I went knowing absolutely no one, and left with a lasting community—so grateful! The location is gorgeous, the yoga was invigorating and the vibe is SO laid back. Adult summer camp is the best!
By Cara Spangler for Spring Yoga Camp! on 20 Apr, 18
This was a wonderful weekend- it's my favorite thing I've done this year so far!! Thanks to all who worked hard to make it a success!
By Kate Wearne for Spring Yoga Camp! on 7 Jun, 17