The group Rani put together was great. We were usually behind because we talked too much. Wonderful stops with relatable guides, pleasant drivers with great food/wine. Portugal was beautiful and so different from city to city. It was enough history for me to talk about it when I got home but with more good food and discussion to make the trip remarkable.
By Gail F for Northern Portugal - May 2022 on 23 May, 2022
I am so pleased I got to join this fabulous trip. Rani planned an incredible trip. It had just the right amount of planned fun activities and free time in beautiful places. Rani helped orient us to each new city, set up great accommodations and meals, and hired the best local guides, so we felt we got to know the place and it’s people too. Rani was a lot of fun and so caring. I had a small accident with my eye and she quickly helped me by getting help from a local pharmacy. She enthusiastically helped us with any questions we had and helped us plan our free time. And I really enjoyed my fellow travelers.
By Anne S for Northern Portugal - May 2022 on 18 May, 2022
This trip was so wonderful. Rani Cheema is a terrific guide. She also is an amazing planner, as things had to be fluid with the Covid situation changing constantly. We had amazing experiences and I would travel with her again in a heartbeat. I will travel with her again!
By Elizabeth V for Northern Portugal on 08 Oct, 2021