Past Trips


I had a wonderful experience in Costa Rica with Regine. I truly enjoyed my first Black Butterfly Retreat. From being able to enjoy the scenic country to the accommodations, every moment of my trip felt like heaven. This definitely won't be my last trip with Black Butterfly Journeys.
By Michele C for Renew your mind, body and spirit 2020 on 30 Jan, 2020
This trip truly was transformative. It was full of beautiful cultural experiences and incredible food!!! Regine is an true spiritual guide. She will gently force you to look inward at yourself. ??? If you are not ready to face yourself, I don’t recommend her retreats. But if you are ready to make some real changes, real progression in your life, go and be open and ready to receive. Upon returning home, some major changes happened. I feel like I watched myself unzip my old self and step out into the world as new and better version of myself. I’m doing my work so that I can get better and better at this thing called life. Nothing but smiles and warmth in my heart when I look back at this trip shared with beautiful and incredible Black Butterflies ?!!!
By Rayya H for It's your time to Shine on 08 Nov, 2019