Past Trips


Renee does a great job hosting a yoga weekend! All four classes presented new learnings and fun. Her approach to calling yogis in is truly magical. The group of women was dynamic and fun. Sun Mountain Center was a nice getaway with some novelty incorporated into the feel. The vegetarian fare was delicious and Chris's tour of the biodynamic farm was interesting. Can't wait for the next getaway!
Most Excellent! I had a lovely experience. As always, Renees' yoga retreats are awesome fun, supportive of your journey and whatever life experiences one may be having. I always come away from her retreats feeling refreshed, grounded and having expanded my world view. The Xinalani Retreat Center has beautiful, well cared for grounds, wonderful staff, clean rooms, comfortable mattresses, and fantastic food. My only complaint is that I ate too much!
This was my 11th retreat with Renee. She's a gifted yoga teacher who has the technical knowhow to train students on alignment while helping them understand the emotional and spiritual side of yoga. As a retreat leader, she creates an environment that allows people to connect with one another, creates the space for us to work through our "stuff", and teaches us how to bring that retreat feeling home through connecting with ourselves and one another. The work that she puts into her retreat is genuine, and she continues to be a support system for her students after the retreat. My life has changed since attending my first retreat with Renee.
The location was serene and peaceful. The company was intelligent, warm, and loving. The food was healthy and delicious. The yoga classes were energizing and restorative, and deeply freeing. Renee is an all around wonderful retreat leader, yoga teacher, mentor, and a friend. If you can register quickly enough, you're fortunate and guaranteed to have a fulfilling and transformative experience. I can't wait for my next retreat with Renee. Thank you!
By Saerin Ally Cho for Hike Yoga Fun! on 10 Jul, 18
Renee held such a gentle and soft space to practice and connect. Haramara Retreat was simply stunning. I was able to immerse myself completely and live into the beauty of the jungle and seaside. I will be back. Namaste
Great time with wonderful people and amazing food. The setting was fabulous! Thank you!!!
This was my first yoga retreat and it surpassed all my expectations. Renee did an amazing job designing a wonderful getaway from everyday life. I had time to relax, restore and grow with other like-minded women. The food was fantastic and the energy was light-hearted, fun and nurturing. Renee lead 3 completely different classes and took us on a hike. She also left time for an introvert like me to escape on my own. I don't know how I'll top this experience but I would certainly try another one of her retreats!
By Amy Maillet for Hike Yoga Fun! on 26 Sep, 17
Fantastic weekend! Wonderful space, amazing people and comfortable accommodations.
There is something very calming about Renee's presence that inspires reflection, relaxation and renewal. She opened my mind and body with her contagious passion for connecting with the world and helped me to ground again with my core being. Her guided yoga instruction is playful and masterful. And if that weren't enough, she prepared an entire retreat with everything planned with fluidity, flavor and a palpable sense of community. I love this woman and am so grateful she's committed herself to helping people to connect with who they truly are!
By Susan Minamizono for Hike Yoga Fun! on 16 Sep, 17
This was an amazing weekend full of great yoga, wonderful introspection time, delicious food, and a beautiful location. Thank you!
By Annie Bukay for Hike Yoga Fun! on 12 Sep, 17
My daughter and I had a wonderful time. The setting was fantastic - a magical place. We were very well-cared for and the food was delicious. The group size was nice and lent an intimate nature to the experience. As always, Renee is a sweet, loving presence and skillfully lead the yoga classes and meditations with care and knowledge. The added amazing bonus of healing sessions with Nilou was phenomenal and life-changing. Honestly. What a gift. My only input would be that I would have loved for it to have been longer (Friday check-in, Sunday check-out) and that there was a written outline for the Retreat that we could reference. Having a basic outline would have been helpful for when down-time would be, meal times, and class/meeting times. All in all, it was a beautiful experience and my daughter and I would attend again. Thank you!
The Keys Creek Lavender Farm was a beautiful location for outdoor yoga and enjoying nature. The Lavender Farm staff was welcoming and did everything possible to make our stay enjoyable... from a tour of the property to the heathy meals. The sleeping tents made camping feel luxurious! Retreat activities were well organized yet flexibie. The four yoga classes over two days were well narrated and facilitated socialization with the incorporation of partner poses.. Timing of the classes was important to ensure participants were not practicing in full sun, especially in warm weather. It was a wonderful experience and I came away feeling centered and rejuvenated. Overall, a wonderful retreat!
This was the perfect balance of yoga, relaxation, mindfulness, and amazing food. Both the location and the teacher were fantastic.