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Great trip: excellent teaching, packed timetable, brilliant group of people.
Marianne and Ron are very genuine people who are extremely passionate about yoga and its teachings. I feel I am well-equipped to teach yoga to many people in many settings after this training. The two-week timeframe was intense, but I felt it was a healthy balance of work and fun. If you are considering this school, reach out to them because they are very responsive and very honest!
In many ways this teacher training exceeded my expectations. I knew it would enlighten me and work with my mind and body but spiritually I was in lightened as well. Marianne Wells is an unbelievable leader, with passion and I am so grateful that I learned really really yoga from her. I read many reviews in choosing a teacher training and I hope that this review inspires many to choose Marianne Wells yoga school. Ron Wells was very quick to answer my emails and my concerns about the program and the trip. The program is intense and Definitely prepares you for teaching a class right when you step off the plane and land home.
Dear fellow traveler Please note that when your looking for a Yoga Training Course you will be thinking where do I go how do I know if this is the one for me, well go no further this is the one. I went with an open mind but knew it was going to be fast paced but I was under no illusions as Ron and Marianne really make this very clear. Make sure your up for early mornings and intensive learning the rewards are that you will come away with some great learnings and a true feeling of joy and satisfaction. The days are varied and a lot of information to take in but like I say above there are many rewards, in that the group of people are all cheering you on and the unit that Ron and Marianne create are wonderful. The location in Costa Rica is outstanding with great rooms, tasty and healthy food ( I ate far too much as it was so yummy), beautiful part of the world with amazing wildlife, excellent staff and great places to train, learn and practice and of course sometimes relax...well a little bit. Then the syllabus is stimulating and I like how they flex between the teachers and what's being taught. I am more than sure that the others courses in Mexico and Spain are also fine as they do look at every little detail. So what are you waiting for......xxxxx
The Marianne Wells Yoga School teacher training course was awakening, authentic and full of love. Their Really Real Yoga program shined light on the significance of yoga lineage, asana techniques, anatomy, alignment-based teaching and provided an introduction to Ayurveda, Chakras, and Yoga Sutras. It provided me with the right tools to teach safely and with confidence. Yoga is about teaching from the heart and soul and Marianne, Ron and Aly knew how to convey this to students. Also, Bodhi Tree Resort is such a wonderful location for a training - the beach was breathtaking, Costa Rica itself is beautiful and exotic and the food was wonderful and healthy. Staff were very friendly - they really care about your experience, are extremely welcoming, and are happy to cater to your needs. Thank you for providing such an authentic and well-rounded program - it has exceeded all my expectations! I am equipped with not just a teacher certification, but with tools on how to lead yoga with grace, peace and love. Namaste.
Marianne is the Real Deal! After two weeks of yoga training and more importantly, life training, I would do it again and make no changes other than more time with her. Her program is well thought out and comprehensive giving students a roadmap for deepening their own yoga practice as well as setting the foundation for living the yoga lifestyle. Highly recommend!!
Marianne is an inspirational and master teacher that is passionate about yoga and guiding emerging yoga teachers to know really real yoga. She has made a profound impact on me, and I am so excited to apply the skills gained through this experience in my life (on and off the mat). I can’t recommend the teacher training in Costa Rica enough. Marianne, Ron, and Ali (our teaching assistant) went to great lengths to teach, guide, and support us through all aspects of this training experience. When I registered for this course, I thought I was signing up for a typical teacher training program; I had no idea I was about to embark on a life changing journey in a beautiful country with beautiful people. I returned from this experience with a lighter and brighter energy and with the confidence/enthusiasm to teach yoga to others!
I truly had an amazing experience. The program was so well thought out and the support, friendship, community and education I received was more than I had hoped for. Thank you for such a wonderful and life changing experience.
Absolutely loved this program! It can have challenging moments but incredibly rewarding! You aren’t just learning how to teach poses but teach people of all abilities and lifestyles. You learn really REAL yoga, from breath control, to philosophy, to all traditional and correct movements in the physical body, connecting them to your mind and soul. Marianne and Ron are so wonderful, they plan out the entire process and make it as organized as possible. 10/10 recommend! You’ll leave far more in touch with yourself than any other program.
Really Real Yoga lives up to its name, it was intense, honest, thorough and very real. I loved every minute of it! Marianne takes you deep into not only the practice of yoga but living yoga in all its forms. Be prepared to work hard, have an open mind and see what develops for you, as I know I'll be unpacking it for years to come. Marianne is the real deal and it was an honor to have studied with her. Teresa W.
Attending Marianne’s 200h yoga teacher training has been life changing, in more ways than I could have expected. Their teachings were based around all the fundamentals of yoga, both on and off the mat - which is so rare today. The location was amazing, the packed schedule organized well, and the depth of the teachings that I will be unravelling for a long long time. I’m so grateful to have crossed paths with Marianne and Ron, as well as the amazing group of fellow students. Lots of love!
It's honestly hard to leave a review that will accurately describe my experience in this teacher training. As someone who has already completed a 200hr, I had some expectations on what I was going to be learning. Yes, I wanted to get away from home for a little bit, but I also wanted a program that was going to teach me a lot of what I didn't already know about yoga. Boy, did I get what I was asking for. If you have been recommended to this program or have stumbled upon it on the internet, trust that it was no accident. This program is SO much more than just a teacher training. Not only do you learn to teach, but you learn so much about yourself in the process. In this training, you will come to realize that yoga is way beyond the physical postures. Marianne and Ron do such an amazing job of designing a program that allows you to learn so much in such a short period of time. Every single detail in this training has been very carefully thought out and I am so grateful that I was able to be fully immersed into it. I can't thank Marianne and Ron enough for the tools they have given me not only as a yoga teacher, but as a person. After these two weeks, I have learned so much more about myself, which I whole heartedly believe will make me a better teacher in the long run. If you're thinking about doing this training, this is your sign to do it. You will not regret it!
For the past few weeks, my life was immersed in the jungle of Nosara, on the beach of the Nicoya peninsula blue zone, where more supercentenarians enjoy vitality than almost anywhere in the world. In this tropical paradise, I earned a 200 hour certification in yoga teaching from Marianne Wells Yoga School. As one of the best yoga educators in the world, who studied directly under Iyengar (“The father of modern yoga”), Marianne and her partner, Ron (who studied biology and chemistry), dedicated their time to training in not only the physical yoga asanas, but also the anatomy, philosophy, history, Ayurveda (the science of life), pranayama (breath), and meditation. Throughout this experience, we curated a community of 25 of the most loving, open-minded, inspiring human beings I have ever lived among. Physically, mentally, and spiritually, I am a truly transformed being. My heart overflows with gratitude, and for all the love, joy, and peace I have experienced, I hope the same for you❤️ I LOVE MARIANNE WELLS YOGA SCHOOL!
When I registered for this YTT I didn’t really know what to expect. And the training turned out to be a thousand times better than everything I could have expected. Marianne has been teaching yoga for more than 30 years and she keeps her knowledge up to date. She masters her subject at perfection and she’s amazing at teaching and sharing it. Her husband Ron has also a lot to share, mostly as regards yoga philosophy and anatomy. They are beautiful human beings and they are invested 100% into making this training an unforgettable experience for each and every students. These two weeks were transforming and powerful on so many levels. You have to go through it to be able to understand it. If I were to do it again, I would a thousand times. THANK YOU, I can’t wait to teach and share your wisdom with the world. (also the food at the Goddess Garden was AMAZING!!!)
If you are ready for an experience of a lifetime, book this training now. It doesn’t matter how strong you are or how old you are. These folks have perfected the program and deliver a total yoga teacher learning experience in 2 weeks. I have friends who took 6 months of classes who didn’t get the complete instruction I got from Marianne Wells and her team. The structure was spot on, the venue was magical, and the food was superb. I haven’t felt so healthy or so ME in years. Don’t hesitate to sign up. You won’t regret it. You will not only emerge as a yoga teacher, you will emerge as a better YOU.
This training provides insight into many aspects of yoga and the yoga lifestyle. Everyday brought new information and experiences that opened my mind to ways to teach authentic yoga and new possibilities to incorporate yoga into my life . The days are full from beginning to end and, as a result, I grew as person, practitioner, and teacher. Marianne and Ron are knowledgable about the subjects taught and passionate about continuing to promote traditional yoga to and through their students. The training attracts curious, intelligent, and caring students that enhance the entire experience. The Goddess Garden is a beautiful resort--the jungle, ocean, food, and buildings providing a setting for total immersion. I have so much love and respect for Marianne Wells Yoga School and hope that others find their way to Costa Rica to learn Really Real Yoga from Ron and Marianne.
This was a wonderful experience. The teachers and their assistants are full of valuable knowledge and they always ensured I understood everything. You can tell how much planning goes into the training- they love what they do. The whole group felt like family. The vegan food and the location is breath taking! The goddess garden also has good security. Highly recommend.
Amazing experience and focused on "Really Real Yoga" - exactly what I was searching for! Exceptional instruction, material, location, and group. There is nothing I would change and I felt that this training provided me with the perfect balance of challenge and support. The lessons I learned and the individuals I met through this training will remain with me for the rest of my life - thank you Marianne and Ron! Using the WeTravel system for payments was great and easy to use.
The whole experience was amazing and something hard to put into words. It was life changing and everyone involved made it great. The food was delicious and I’m not vegetarian so I was worried about it. It tasted really good. The rooms were great and had enough space. Ron and Marianne were great teachers.
The entire experience exceeded my expectations. I was there for a 200 hr Yoga Teacher Training. Dec 1-15th. The training was a beautiful experience, and the training delivered with care and expertise. The Goddess Garden was gorgeous in the rainforest of Costa Rica, footsteps away from the solitude of the ocean, Be prepared for no air conditioning and soaking up the awesome sounds of the jungle. The vegetarian cuisine was delicious, filling and nutritious. The group of women in the training were open, caring and real. The Teachers and Teaching assistants were genuine, knowledgable and passionate about delivering and facilitating a top-notch experience. It was a REALLY REAL phenomenal experience ;)
As a physician looking to learn safe and healthy yoga, Marianne Wells Yoga School was way more than I could ever imagine. Not only did I learn safe asanas for the physical body, but I was reconnected to the incredibly healing power yoga has to offer through meditation and mind-body connection. Every day was so thoughtful and every class was a learning opportunity . I want to do it all over again! Oh, and the food was out of this world.
Thank you! I had a great time. Wonderful people, delicious food and comfortibal accommodations. An experience for life!!!
I do not have appropriate words to adequately describe my overwhelmingly positive experience at Marianne Wells' 200hr Yoga Teacher Training. The two week session was jam-packed with enlightening yoga philosophy discussions, heartfelt chakra activities, grounding asana practices and moving spiritual experiences like nothing I could have every dreamed of. All of this was shared with 25 wonderfully open-minded humans, all of whom I now consider to be my closest friends and allies. I thank the universe for directing me to this yoga teacher training and am eternally grateful to Marianne and Ron Wells for helping me lay the first brick in my new life path.
Marianne and her husband Ron are supportive, loving but also very professional. Marianne is an incredible woman, so I believe she is the perfect role model for a Yoga Teacher. The training is hosted in beautiful Costa Rica so the setting is absolutely perfect for allowing you to really dig deep and get in touch with yourself and what gifts you have to share with the world. Marianne's approach is unique and she trains us to be charismatic teachers who take into account the individual needs of our students. She is inspiring and attentive and has a simple and effective approach to teaching that ensures that her students don't get injured or don't injure their future students. The training has a lot of anatomy, and Ron leads the anatomy lessons and he is so amazing! I also loved the philosophy yoga lessons too, it is really important in my opinion to get a deep understanding of it and we did it in a fun way. They also have amazing food, and lots of healthy, plant-based options as well. My body never felt so good in my life! I definitely recommend the Marianne Well YTT to everyone who wants to know what is really real yoga.
The 200 hr intensive course in Cahuita, Costa Rica August 2018 was a life changing experience. Be prepared to be challenged physically, mentally and spiritually . Words cannot express the experience you will have - you don't really understand all you have learned until you return back home and start to apply the principles to your daily life and personal practice. Marianne and team provide a very comprehensive and fulfilling experience giving you the confidence to return home and embark on a new yoga instructor career - if that is your goal - but if not you learn so much to enhance your personal practice as well. Add on the friendships formed across the globe with all the people you meet and understand that you leave the course not only certified, but also as a new member of an extended family and caring yoga community. Much love ~ namaste!