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Satya, I thank you SO much for the beautiful retreat. I loved the yoga (the focus on elements especially) and Hestia. It was incredible to wake up and go to sleep to sound of a rushing creek. Everyone in the group was so nice as well. The food was delicious, and Steward Hot Springs was an incredible experience Most of all, Satya, I want to thank you and Mother Nature for all the waterfalls -- water everywhere. Hestia was a great place for our retreat as well. Thank you again for my first adventure in the root chakra -- Mount Shasta. Also thank you for all the help you gave me in the yoga sessions with back injury. Suzanne
Amazing retreat with wonderful people In a fantastic location. Satya, our guide, made this a memorable experience.
This was a soul-shaking journey. I came in stressed, depressed, suffering from outrage fatigue and mad at the world. I left feeling peaceful and calm with a framework and tools for showing myself and others more compassion and love. Satya has a real gift for teaching and creating space for everyone to go deeper into their practice from whatever place they are starting out. To say I've been forever changed would not be hyperbole. This trip was a gift and I'm so grateful I got to experience it.
This retreat was a breathe of fresh air. Like everything I’ve ever lost coming back to me. I cannot thank Satya enough for organizing this weekend. Thank you Satya for being such a light in a world that can often be overwhelmingly dark.