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I retracted my last review from the cancelled Starkbierfest from March. Scott and Vonia refunded a lot of our trip, as much as they could and we appreciate their honesty and integrity. We’ve been seeing our 2018 pics from Octoberfest and can’t wait to go again. I hope that we can go again with Bayern Trips In the future as we fell in love with the people and beer of Germany. Scott and Vonia have been doing these trips around Bavaria for many years and if u go on a trip with them, you’re guaranteed to have a great time! Prost! ??
By Stephanie Aldrich for Starkbierfest 2020 on 24 Mar, 2020
Sadly, the US Travel restrictions occurred virtually simultaneously with the planned start of our trip and 16 of the 17 participants decided not to fly to Munich. As the magnitude of the situation became clear, more and more of our partners (hotel, festivals, restaurants, and even Deutsche Bahn) changed their policies on making refunds. While we still haven't been credited a large amount of these payments, we have extended a 90% refund or credit towards next year's trip. I am sorry that it has taken so long and hope you understand that the unprecedented nature of this pandemic had everyone in the tourism business desperately scrambling.
By BayernTrips LLC on 27 Mar, 2020
We were very disappointed - President Trump made an announcement on travel ban on March 11, 2020, due to COVID19-We were scheduled to leave on March 12, 2020-Since there would possibly be no flights back to Pittsburgh from Germany-And we would have been quarantined for two weeks after entering the states- Therefore we needed to cancel our flight and tour We are also very disappointed that we have not received a refund for the tour. We cannot rate this tour since it never took place Frank, Roslyn, Scott Oberlitner
By Frank A. Oberlitner for Starkbierfest 2020 on 24 Mar, 2020
Your family has traveled with Vonia and me several times and we are thrilled that you are now re-booked for Starkbierfest 2021! Sorry it took so long to get things figured out!
By BayernTrips LLC on 27 Mar, 2020
Scott organises PHENOMENAL tours of Bavaria. His tours are NOT the standard motorcoach tours; they are FAR superior! Point to point within the various cities, is by foot, unless the distance ins too great, in which case it is by public transport, or very occasionally by taxi. From city to city travel is normally by rail. The elimination of a coach, reduces costs, keeps the travel groups at a more manageable size and allows guests to enjoy quality travel time. Smaller group numbers also allows Scott to give more of his attention to each traveller. All restaurants visited, offer a unique blend of fantastic cuisine and a smattering of local history. For example, one was originally a 16C monastery, and of course no visit to Munich is complete without a visit to the famous Hofbräuhaus. There is never any such thing as dead time- Scott delivers accurate history lectures on each region and city, before, during and after departure to each new destination. I have travelled with BayernTrips extensively and have NEVER encountered another traveller who was dissatisfied. I cannot recommend BayernTrips enough! As I write this review, I am already planning my next vacation with BayernTrips.
By Andy Pollock for HardCore 2019 on 12 Feb, 2020