So grateful for the beautiful and magical journey to India Shama Retreats prepared with loving care. Incredibly nourishing places to relax and have a taste of the amazing local cuisine, combined with the finest excursions around the area., meditations, yoga sessions and ayurvedic treatments. Looking forward for a new trip! Would definitely recommend it.
This was an awesome yoga retreat. Definitely one of the top 3 I attended (I attended perhaps 12). Paloma as organiser: I felt like a friend, and not like a 'customer', and everything was perfectly organised, I didnt have to organise anything for the whole week. It was for me had just the right balance between excursions to exciting rivers and creeks and free time and time with the group. Mil gracias Paloma! Sandra Carson's classes were deep and inspiring. I follow her classes regularly in Amsterdam so I knew they are very high quality but practising every day brought my practice to a new level. We had two yoga classes daily plus one or two additional sessions a day which meant a lot of opportunities to experience in new ways my body, but also my mind, emotions, spirit, and explore values, mindfulness, meditation... a really transformational week for me. I loved morning meditation and the silence for the first hourse of the day. The venue in the forest in the mountains was just amazing. Silence. Nature. Forest. Water. Rivers. Creeks. Yoga dome in the forest. The Spanish vegetarian food was superb (and my standards are high as I am an Italian who loves cooking) and the personalised attention by the cooks made it even more special. I would go back to this retreat tomorrow. I will go back next year f I can!