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Be Here: The Mindful Yoga & Wellness Retreat
Be Here: The Mindful Yoga & Wellness Retreat
Ratna Ling Retreat Center: located between Fort Ross and Stewart's Point, CA, United States
11 Apr, 19
Retreat into Nature: A Yoga & Wellness Experience
Retreat into Nature: A Yoga & Wellness Experience
(Between) Fort Ross and Stewart's Point, CA, United States
12 Apr, 18


Wonderful accommodations with friendly people in a beautiful area.
Shauna is a gem! Once again Jerry and I had a wonderful time at Ratna Ling with Shauna, Ron, Kenzie, and our yoga friends. It couldn't have been better!
The Yoga Retreat exceeded my expectations. The accommodations were excellent. the food , The people who take care of the place are doing an extraordinary job. The surroundings are so beautiful that they seem unreal! Shauna her husband Ron and Yawi did an excellent job organizing all the activities for such a big and diverse group. Shauna's classes as usual were just what we needed. It was the perfect place for the theme of the retreat that was mindfulness. It was my first experience in a yoga retreat and it couldm't have been better! Thanks for such a great experience!
The Ratna Ling Retreat Centre is a special place. With its natural beauty of the deep green rolling hills, majestic redwood forests and expansive skyline, the invitation to let go of the busyness of life presents itself to you before you enter the facility. Upon arriving, you are met with a delightful, heart centred staff who enthusiastically want to make your stay wonderful. The accommodations of the individual cottages are comfortable and well equipped. A cozy place to return after a day of activity. The vegetarian food was prepared from a place of kindness and love, with much variety. Shauna's MacKay is one of the most skilled teacher's I have had the pleasure of meeting. She has a beautiful, open heart and invites the participants in a gentle way, to transform and to let go. In this retreat, we explored numerous ways to become more mindful. Shauna understands the challenges of this but gave us practical examples of how we can do this simply upon returning to our busy lives. She is well read and researched with her knowledge which she shares, intermingled with a gentle, love and kindness for each of the students. She is available for all participants at all levels. The Retreat was well organized with much thought given to detail. I came away renewed and eager to live a more mindful life. Thank you.
We had a wonderful time. Shauna create a restful and yet invigorating 3 days with time for introspection as well as community and lots of yoga and meditation. The hikes were fabulous. The facility and accommodations were beautiful and are nestled along the magical Northern California Coast amongst the tall redwoods. The yoga was perfect as Shauna eased us into our weekend practice. My husband who has done some yoga but not overly experienced was able to enjoy the entire weekend as well. Food was delicious and plentiful as well as very healthy. All in all a perfect retreat. Thank you Shauna and Yowi and the staff of Ratna Ling.
What an incredible way to renew your body, spirit, and mind. Shauna is a very talented yoga instructor and life coach, she has found her calling and will help you to think of living life in a whole new way. The location and food was also so delicious and perfect.
I wish I could give 30 stars. I wish everyone in the world had the opportunity to experience the magic that I felt on this retreat. From the minute I arrived, I felt my body relax, breathe, and connect with nature in the way I was born to do. The retreat location is one of the most beautiful places I have ever been.. the redwood trees, the ocean, the wind in the trees with the sounds of frogs, wild turkeys, birds in the distance... it felt like a dream. The cabin was beautiful, spacious, and a lot fancier and comfortable than I imagined it would be. The food... oh my gosh the food. Imagine every meal being freshly prepared, large variety, healthy yet tasty. Incredible. I'm trying to replicate some recipes at home! Now for the best part.. Shauna is an incredible teacher, person and yogi. Each yoga class was a blend of breathing, meditation, reflection and stretching. Shauna helps guide you to being more mindful every step of the way during this experience. It truly isn't just a retreat, but a life changing experience. Shauna helps you see yourself in a new light..teaches you how a small shift in our actions can change how we react and views things. There are so many wonderful tools she gives you, and when you come back to your daily grind of life.. you stop to pause and see things differently. Thank you Shauna! So grateful for the experience!!!! I will be back!
John and I had a great time! We loved: Getting to know the spouses of our yoga friends, intereting, fun, wonderful group of people! Loved all of the exercise we got - the yoga sessions were perfectly vigorous each day, hiking both days was fantastic. Theme and dharma talks approachable, useful, helpful to all no matter where at on spiritual path. Lovely lovely setting, wonderful staff, good food. Shauna, you did a super job planning, constructing and leading this retreat! It was full on all levels, and yet it wasn't too much. I was pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed having the men there. It wasn't too "touch freely" for John and he got much from the experience. He's even reading his Relax book! Your gift bags were awesome!! Truly beautifully done, Lori
Shauna made this retreat a delight! I loved the full-out yoga, the Thich nhat hanh books,, the movie on mindfulness, the appropriateness of the music during class, the hikes, the meals, the retreat center, and of course the company of my fellow yoginis. I came back enriched and challenged. Thank you!
The trip was wonderful. Shauna is a skilled leader and welcomed everyone with a warm heart and loving embrace. The itinerary was well thought out and a great balance of talks/discussions, mindful practices, and healthy activities (yoga and hiking). The location was ideal for this trip into nature and the food was in perfect alignment with the event. A great success! Thanks!
Shauna creates such an amazing experience to connect, let go, escape into nature, reconnect with self, friends, nature, feel the magnificence of being on the earth in a beautiful setting!