Past Trips


Fall into Fierceness was such a gift of light & love. Being immersed in mindfulness & wellness was so soothing for the soul - Milan & Shonna are truly gifted spirits who were so open & helpful to all of us & met us where we were on our journeys & helped us grow into our power. The ladies on this trip were all so open & welcoming & gentle with each other & fiercely supportive. The vibe was infectious, the agenda was packed with experiences I’ll carry with me every day for life. A must-do for anyone looking to dive deep into themselves & their peace.
Shonna was absolutely magical in every ounce of her soul! In additional to her amazing vibe and the vibe of all the women on the trip, the location was beautiful and inviting, hospitality clean, and comfortable! The food was delicious, the day trip adventures on point. The workshops were each so fulfilling, fun and insightful! Thank you Shonna! I can't wait to share in your energy on another one of your trips! Blessings. xo Kristin
What an amazing adventure this was. I met some of the most phenomenal women, experienced great food, and shared beautiful conversations! So Grateful I was able to go!