From our arrival on Hydra, to the Phaedra Hotel, exhausted and totally turned around, when we were gently shown to our rooms (it was my home away from home) and sent off to dinner at Poppie’s, then gentle yoga in the morning (more vigorous everyday!) and meditation, then everyday a special experience! Horses, ancient sites by boat, beaches with umbrellas and drinks and light bites, art openings, and shop, shop, shop! And did I mention Hilda? She knows all, sees all and helps Rebecca arrange all...Rebecca can sense what you need almost before you need it, it’s amazing. Enjoy the next trip. Dixie T Myers
An absolutely fantastic trip -the yoga (and instructors Rebecca and Ieva) were wonderul, the group was lovely and the accomodations and food were amazing!
I Loved this group of women together! We created something so special with the strength and guidance from Rebecca and Ieva! I highly recommend this experience! Great space, great food, great ambiance!!
In one word, AMAZING!!! I wish we could have slowed down time as every experience was better than the last. I feel so blessed to have been invited to participate and will treasure the memories.
I came to Morocco not knowing what to expect. I had never been across the Atlantic Ocean and I had never surfed before. Now that I am back home, I cannot wait to return to Morocco. Those looking for an adventurous vacation, look no further. You can take surfing lessons and/or you can meditate and practice and yoga with the Rebeccas. Those looking for a restorative vacation, look no further. You can go to the beach, get a massage, ride camels or horses, eat good food. Surf Maroc, Villa Mandala, and the Rebeccas have you covered. This was one of the most engaging and fulfilling vacations I have had. Thank you to: the Rebeccas for organizing the trip and teaching yoga; Bahsin and Yussuf for the Surf lessons; Chouaib for the amazing food; and Emma, Ayoob, and the rest of the Villa Mandala staff for taking care of all our other needs. Those who can should consider the pre-Surf and Yoga Trip. This is a great way to see the amazing people, culture, and geography of Morocco.
Its barely been a few weeks since my trip to Morocco with 'The Rebeccas' and all I can think about is going back and doing it all over again! Cannot thank Rebecca and Rebecca enough for such an exceptional experience –– they brought so much of themselves to amplify the extraordinary sensorial overload that is Morocco, caring for every detail, dedicating so much care and attention to our Yoga sessions and exceeded at creating an inviting, inspiring and nurturing environment. The setting was spectacular, with unbeatable accommodation and even better food (could talk about the food all day!) and very thoughtful housing staff. Incredible surf instructors too, very patient and dedicated, who also showed us around the local area, introducing us to the local lifestyle with so much candor and warmth you'll never want to leave. And met such a wonderful group of people, could not have asked for a better gang to hang out with, really walked away from this trip with more than I anticipated, all thanks to the Rebeccas! SIGN ME UP for your next adventure! Shukran Rebecca & Rebecca! x Brenda
For the week that I was there it was a fun and memorable adventure each morning followed by a relaxing afternoon and evening in the comforts of a cozy villa surrounded by pleasant people. I appreciate the hard work by Rebecca and Rebecca and I appreciate their spiritual and tactical leadership. The house staff and the surf instructors, especially Bahcine, were great.
Both Rebeccas are dear friends and fantastic teachers! I have been fortunate enough to have traveled with them before and will continue to do so every chance I get! I trust both Rebeccas implicitly. Surf + Yoga Morocco with the Rebeccas was a wonderful yoga retreat and an exciting adventure. The Villa was so comfortable if felt like home in no time and the entire staff felt like family. We were well taken care of from start to finish! I will go back!
Pure bliss! Trip was above expectations. Hotel was really cozy and food was delicious. Also, loved the teachings of The Rebeccas. They are amazing yoga teachers and amazing human beings! Plus, I had a blast surfing. And LOVED Morocco!
Meals and activities are all taken care of. You get to enjoy yoga, massages, hiking, surfing, morocco and meet great people. Yoga teachers will guide you through a balance, strong, and restorative practice that is good for all levels of practitioners. Surfing part of the trip is a great bonus. The surfing instructors are funny and good. I felt safe and learned a lot. It was a fun, restful and active.
To get straight to the point: I cannot wait to go back to Morocco! The trip was absolutely wonderful. The Rebeccas were amazing hosts; we woke up with a refreshing practice and meditation overlooking the beautiful waters, and then would round out our day with restorative practice over the sunset. The beaches were peaceful, the food was delectable and the people were wonderful. I really cannot wait to return, soon!