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2019 BET Awards Weekend
2019 BET Awards Weekend
Los Angeles, CA, United States
20 Jun, 19
New Orleans, LA, USA
1 Mar, 19


We had a wonderful time awesome place to visit
By Sheena Evans for 2019 OktoberFest on 16 Oct, 19
We had a wonderful time at "The Drake in Brokenbow, OK. We enjoyed family, games, food and just the surroundings. The Drake is a very nice place relaxing. Also enjoyed going to the lake and having a camp fire roasting marsh mellows. It is just nice to enjoy at place like that with family. I think that everyone that attended enjoyed themselves. It was just a good getaway for the weekend.
We had a great time. Wonderful people, delicious food and comfortable accommodations. Thanks for this fantastic experience!
I participated in the Wine Women Weekend 2018 and it was awesome.....Ta communication with travel directions with all of the women who attended the event was professional and top-notch. When I arrive to the venue to the time that I left the venue I never wanted for anything.... that paired with the awesome company of the beautiful, supportive and positive women that I was blessed to get to know over this weekend made this a memorable trip. Everyone should attend this event at least once....you will not to be disappointed. I learned so much about myself and of course a lot about wine. Ta Thank you so much for offering this event.... I look forward to attending next year and I will be attending other events you have throughout the year. Thank you Allison
This trip was breath taking and nothing short of excellent. I look forward to more trips to come.
The Women and Wine Weekend for 2018 was ALL that and some. We stayed in a beautiful home for the weekend with homemade meals prepared by a chef and her team and we had pool side massages by Heavenly Hands. We were there for a chauffeured wine tour experience but received that and a whole lot more. Image dinner being served to you and when you are done, you get to walk away from the table without lifting a finger....... that alone was fantastic.!!!! Thank you again Ta Morrison for the wonderful Women and Wine weekend experience. **** Kaye Johnson ****
We had a great time! The space provided was excellent. Women were all open minded and fun! Private Chef, Chaffeur, Masseuse, Hospitality, & fun! I would attend the event again.
Very well planned and organized. Great resort, food, drinks, and excursions!