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Wilderness Goddess: Yoga Backpacking Pilgrimage
Wilderness Goddess: Yoga Backpacking Pilgrimage
North Cascades Mountains, Washington State, USA
4 Aug, 17


The trip was amazing. The people were wonderful, Stephanie was an amazing leader, the views were incredible and the backpacking was really fun. Our campsites were gorgeous. I had the best time.
Such an enriching and energizing retreat. We were surrounded by stunning panoramic views of jagged mountains and lush green valleys. I developed new friendships with a wonderful community of women. The retreat was well organized and Stephanie was extremely knowledgeable about the area and backcountry backpacking and camping and was always willing to help any of us who had questions about gear, set up, etc. The North Cascades National Park is a gorgeous area to learn about and invoke the divine feminine. I would definitely recommend this retreat to others looking to deepen their spirituality, yoga practice and commune with nature.
This is beyond a simple backpacking trip. It is truly an inspired divine experience. Stephanie is a Yogini, an author and an outdoor enthusiast. Her energy and enthusiasm to bring women of diverse backgrounds to experience the enchanting wilderness and an inner transformation with the help of Goddess teachings and Yoga is very special. I feel fortunate to be part of this very unique experience. This was my second backpacking trip with Stephanie exploring the inner self and the outdoors in the North Cascades National Park. On our first trip we explored Thundercreek trail and studied Goddesses Lakshmi, Saraswati and Matangi. This year we explored Mount Baker Wilderness with the Goddesses Bhuvaneswari, Durga and Parvati. The energies invoked with the Goddess work and Yoga were in perfect harmony with the nature outside. Personally it allows me to check in with myself and be inspired on my life journey. It is indeed such a blessing that Stephanie is able to bring all her unique talents in such a perfect offering.... With much gratitude.
The wildernesses goddess pilgrimage was everything I could have hoped for. I was desperately needing spiritual guidance and to connect to nature in a major way, and the universe led me to Stephanie like magic! I don’t know how many women in the world want to spend days far from civilization AND spend nights connecting to the Divine feminine in themselves( and all around us) , but Stephanie found them and brought us all together. It was so amazing meeting such deeply like minded women. During our hike we bonded in a raw authentic way that was deeply healing for everyone. I learned so much about the goddesses and the Tantric path from Stephanie! I’m so grateful to have found her as a teacher because I had been seeking knowledge on this subject for awhile. And as we joked about on the trail “ there’s only so much google can tell you!” This trip also gave me the knowledge and confidence to start backpacking on my own in my corner of the world! I’m so thankful to have Stephanie as a teacher and I hope I can go on another trip with her and reunite with the amazing sisters I made on our pilgrimage!!