It really was brilliant and despite already having high expectations having learned with Jason before, his teaching still surpassed them. I couldn’t have hoped for more and look forward to his 300 hour trainings. Laura and Jason were great complements to one another and I echo the sentiment that she brought heart and soul to the group. Her asana-focused sessions brought to life Jason's teachings and her knowledge and experience into the business of yoga were of such great value - practical insights based on years working in the industry.
This was an incredible starter training for teaching safe, practical yoga. Both Jason and Laura are great instructors. Jason is an incredible lecturer on anatomy and philosophy- a wonderful professor of yoga, anatomy, and yoga philosophy. Laura kept us all in the know, kept everything running smoothly, and was the heart and soul of this training. I can't wait to take Jason's 300-hour training. Thank you both!
The training was a great experience! I only wish that we had Jason the whole time! I'm glad that I did this training! Thank you!