Our school canceled the trip due to COVID 19. Quest chose to hide behind that fact when faced with refunding our payments. They only gave us back what they could recover from vendors (40%). Had we left for the trip we would have been packing up in the middle of the night racing to get back to the US before Italy completely closed. How would they have handled that? I understand we were not the only school canceling but they should have done the right thing. Do they not have any contingency plans for trips being canceled or do they always throw their customers under the bus? I am not impressed with how this was handled and would be reluctant to ever use or recommend their services.
By Shanna O for 2020 Carthage College Women's Soccer on 05 Jun, 2020
Was wondering if this email to write a review was a joke considering the trip was canceled due to COVID & we are owed 3,000 dollars
By Nikki B for 2020 Carthage College Women's Soccer on 23 Apr, 2020
The trip - what we got to experience - was great! Erinna was a wonderful and knowledgeable travel organizer. But, we had to leave three days early because of the corona virus and travel restrictions, so we missed out on our days in Vienna. Quest Travel made arrangements for our group to leave early from Munich and we are grateful for them doing that. However, they could only get tickets for us to Charlotte, NC. From there, we had to PAY Quest Travel for our tickets and baggage to O'Hare Chicago. Why should we have to file claims to be reimbursed when we paid YOU, Quest Travel? YOU should be reimbursing us! It also seems that some of the monies paid for the three lost days in Vienna should be reimbursed as well. To clarify our above statement, we thank Quest Travel for providing a well organized and wonderful trip. All people we came in contact with were very professional. The people involved in getting us back to the States from Germany under very unusual circumstances did an amazing job and for that we are extremely grateful. We just wish the handling of the tickets from Charlotte to Chicago had been done in a better way.
By Robert N for 2020 Illinois Wesleyan University VB on 11 Apr, 2020