Anna and Jenna were the best! The retreat was well planned and the accommodations and food were great! The staff were friendly, helpful, and very courteous! I was truly able to unwind and nourish my mind, body and soul at this jungle retreat! I highly recommend any retreat given by Anna or Jenna as they really encompass all into their time with you!
I had an awesome time , but some things can be improved . the lodge was labeled as Luxury but fell a bit short of that . The bagalos were immersed in the jungle, surrounded by green luscious vegetation and wild nature . some of the fixtures needed to be replaced . Most shower heads were old and crusty with lots of calcium deposits. most rooms needed some updating and upgrading in terms of paint and fixtures such as fans on the walls and l lamps which were missing light bulbs . The food also was delicious the only problem was if you get hungry in between meals or after hours the kitchen was closed and I had no access to any food !! I was hungry a lot during this trip !! Staff was cordial professional and attentive ! Wi-Fi was only available near the office and there was no service whatsoever at the Bungalo‘s away from the main office . The hostesses - Jenna and Anna we’re simply delightful their yoga program was awesome and I truly enjoyed practicing with them . Pura vida!!
It was absolutely wonderful to be able to tune into myself and have a blend of more active and restorative yoga. Jenna and Ana have both been fantastic! Good, positive women who are very grounded and truthful but also very knowledgeable and passionate! The lodge had amazing food with a lot of healthy options and the nature surrounding the area was breathtaking! Good spa, but a bit noisy (a lot of people from the hostel). Can’t wait until the next retreat with TwinSol!
Anna and Jenna are phenomenal at what they do! This was just the relaxing get away I needed. I recommend any of their retreats to anyone looking to get centered and meet a diverse group of people.
The experience that Anna created for us was beyond what I could of imagined! She is a beam of light and love and is truly gifted. I would absolutely do another retreat with her! I am a beginner at yoga and I was challenged both physically and emotionally, but never felt intimidated. I plan to continue my practice at home. Thanks Anna!
By Ashley Reaney for Yoga in Yosemite on 27 Sep, 17
Anna is wonderful. Her yoga classes are fulfilling for the mind and body. The accommodations are rustic and very comfortable. The food simply delicious. I would recommend this retreat to all of my friends.
By Janet Everson for Mid Week Retreat on 24 Sep, 17
Amamamazing! These ladies made everyone feel like it was okay to be vulnerable, but were also very mindful of everyone's comfort level the entire time. This retreat allowed me to connect with myself in a way that was previously lacking. I would do another yoga retreat with Anna or Jenna in a heart beat.


TwinSol retreats provided the best possible retreat by offering a very relaxed, casual, no pressure environment, but also cultivated an inclusive, intimate environment where they were welcoming, encouraging and authentic. I think their style of yoga and communication is calming, encouraging and I would recommend their retreats to anyone who wants to disconnect and get away by practicing mindfulness and balance. Love these ladies! They deserve all the success in the world, they truly know how to connect with people.
By Samantha Eknoian on 21 May, 18
Anna and Jenna's Yosemite retreat was awesome! it was both my first time on a yoga retreat and to yosemite, so this was extra special. I could not have asked for a better group of people to be on the retreat with. It was the perfect combo of meditation and yoga surrounded by nature. The accommodations also exceeded my expectations. While it was a short amount of time, the retreat related activities never made me feel rushed or like i was lacking time. Thanks again Anna and Jenna for making my first retreat experience so special. Cant wait to attend another one!
By Ashley McShane on 21 May, 18