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I would start by describing this trip as absolutely AMAZING!!!! The places we went, the group I was with, the food, the hotel/reserve, the transportation, the people, the scenery... AMAZING! I had so much fun and I'm happy that this trip was my first international trip to the motherland! There was literally only one boring place we went but if you knew my group we made the best of it and kept it interesting and still fun. Thank you for a great vacation! I had to be coaxed out of the resort to get on the bus to return home to the USA. =D Can't wait to go to another African country and dance with them!
By Sophia R for South Africa $3999.00 on 26 Jan, 2020
Cabin balcony door would not close due to mechanical problem. Was not repaired until final day of trip. Disappointed in food in dining room although, food on buffet was good. Ship and crew was very nice! Overall, good trip!
By Benjamin T for Pre Christmas Get - Away on 29 Dec, 2019
South Africa is absolutely amazing; the experience is extraordinary. The company on the trip, was a complete combination of colorful characters. The tour guides wealth of knowledge, and guidance provides for an exceptional experience. The food is fantastic: Ostrich steak's are lean and luscious, Impala steaks are impeccable, and Alligator's are astonishing cuts of meat. Black label is a bright flavorful malt liquor. The Ivory Tree Lounge is a great place to connect with nature. The atmosphere is awesome, and the game drives inspirational. The hospitality is warm and friendly. The Ivory Tree is strongly recommend for all, that plan to visit Johannesburg. The Legacy/Commodore Hotel in Cape Town, provides a great getaway, the central location lovely, and within walking distance to local shops and vendors. The embrace and warm welcome of the bronze statue is the icing on the cake. Mzansi television channel 16 offers great novellas. The embrace and warm welcome of the bronze statue near the Ferris wheel is the icing on the cake.
By La'Keisha A for South Africa $3999.00 on 25 Dec, 2019