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Guatemala New Years Retreat
Guatemala New Years Retreat
Lake Atitlan, Guatemala
30 Dec, 2021

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Wow! What an amazing trek in Yosemite. Alister and Kelly have set the bar high for group trips. They did an incredible job planning out every detail from the trails, food, rest stops, gratitude sharing and meditation. They placed value on each person in the group and every day was filled with intention. The trip was physically and emotionally challenging in ways that I did not expect. I felt supported by the group and connected to nature in a deep way. I hope to be apart of another adventure soon with Wild Within. If you are thinking about going on a trek or retreat with Alister and Kelly, Do It! You won’t regret it <3
By Kelsey M for YOSEMITE 2021: Group B on 01 Aug, 2021
"How would I describe this trip?" To start with, it was not a trip, it was a life-altering journey, that I would go on again in an instant. The Wild Within crew are amazing guides and I couldn’t imagine having been led by anyone else. They have done their own self-work and are prepared to hold space for all participants who are seeking to find awareness of self and an accepting place to be authentic. There was always a positive attitude to be found each morning, a great breakfast (you do cook your own food, but what is provided for you to do so is beyond delicious and not your run of the mill dehydrated back packing meals), and encouragement to push as far as you could while still listening to and being attuned with your own personal needs. This is truly an experience that I would recommend to everyone and anyone. It’s more than just a back packing trip, it’s a chance for self-discovery, whether you are trying to overcome obstacles in life, change patterns, or just identify who you are. The group/people I went with were all amazing. There was a tight bond and a real feeling of being part of a team. Everyone was there and ready to support one another. I had zero backpacking experience and was able to handle the environment and learn the basic ins and outs of backpacking – with some dedicated encouragement and support from the Wild Within crew. Word to the wise, from the moment you commit to this adventure, the journey has begun; be sure to train hard, get ready to be dirty, and be prepared for tons of inspiration.
By Andrea L for YOSEMITE 2021: Group B on 31 Jul, 2021
Yosemite and the people in our group will forever hold a special place in my heart. Kelly and Alasdair created such a beautiful trip!! The attention to detail throughout the 10 day retreat made the trip so special and unlike anything I have ever attended. I had never backpacked before this and now I cannot wait to do it again! I felt fully supported while getting out of my comfort zone both physically and emotionally. I took away from this trip a powerful reconnection to myself and a deeper appreciation for nature and the wild. ... Oh, And the views were ASTONISHING!!!! Yosemite is stunning beyond words.
By Michelle B for YOSEMITE 2021: Group A on 25 Jul, 2021