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My experience in Benin was mind blowing. I felt welcome and safe during my stay there. Wilizé made sure everything was taken care of for my time there. The BTOR 2019 healing retreat awakened feelings deep inside of me that I had long forgotten but, needed to remember. I can’t say enough about the long heart felt conversations that Wilizé and the other women shared. The information I learned about Benin, my ancestors and the slave trade was immense. The healing and love I shared with all of the participants will stay with me forever. Thank You Wilizé. 🖤🙏🏽 Jamice Simpson
BACK TO OUR ROOTS healing retreat was an incredible experience rich in emotion. The workshops and socio-cultural and historical tours curated by Wilizé were interactive, enlightening as well as delicious (shout out to Josette the amazing cook and to the culinary experience we had in a nutrition center). The locations chosen for this retreat were beautiful and peaceful and allowed us to really unwind and connect with ourselves. The healing circles which took place very organically were great time to bond and know each participants of the retreat a little bit more! I would definitely recommend this retreat to African women of the diaspora craving to learn more about themselves and another side of African culture which is seldom explored.


My trip with Awura experiences was absolutely life changing. On the BTOR Retreat we participated in a series of workshops and adventures. Starting with learning about history from and about our ancestors in West Africa, engaging in sacred traditions to learning about black health and nutrition. Want to share and highlight the nutrition experience that has been very healing for me in particular. We spent some time with a popular herbalist - healer at her family's healing/ nutrition center in Benin . First off, this was a life long wish that came true. Left with more knowledge and insight on how I would like to continue living my life in the most reasonable homeopathic way possible in a westernized world/culture that relies entirely too much on manufactured food and pills. Prior to this trip, had been having issues with my digestion, IBS, losing weight and diabetes. After this one of many powerful and positive experiences on this amazing trip, was inspired to adjust my diet to one that consisted of less gluten and incorporated various mixtures of herbs that had healing properties for my health issues. Since January, I've lost over 20 pounds , lowered my A1C and have had no ibs or digestive issues. Overall , something minor, like having the opportunity of being able to sit down and have a clear and concise conversation with someone who looks like you, knows common issues that affect people like you and understands your body- DNA and it's functions ; as well as knows your history and details of your lineage definitively is such a undefined experience in its self. In addition to healing physical health issues, this experience has had profound healing affects on my mental health. One take away, was finding true confidence in my blackness, ancestors journey and really understanding my worth and purpose from a new perspective and narrative. Since gaining new clarity, been making more progress within my career endeavors here in the US . Things are seeming to align differently for me. Spending time in Africa with Awura experiences has further helped me be more assertive, clear and focused on getting my needs met . Would recommend Awura to any black woman - WOC searching for new culture filled experiences and looking to achieve a breakthrough in their lives.
By Bri Tney on 23 Apr, 19