Past Trips


This is my second retreat with Yoga Beyond the Studio. The first was Belize (March 2020) and the second was Greece (September 2021) and both were absolutely amazing! I chose to travel with Yoga Beyond the Studio and Shayna, the owner, because they make travel easy. Navigating the trip during the Covid pandemic is no easy feat but Yoga Beyond the Studio was incredibly thoughtful and thorough. We were sent the forms for entry into Greece, forms for the ferry, apps to help aid our travel, help with our post trip rides, and securing a doctor to administer our covid tests needed for entry back into the U.S. Yoga Beyond the Studio fosters a demographically diverse, fun, relaxed, and judgement free zone. You honestly leave having created lifelong bonds (and as someone who is incredibly introverted that's saying something 😊). We bonded during AMAZING seven course lunches and dinners, Greek dancing, excursions, and free time. And if bonding isn't your thing, Shayna makes it clear from the start, your trip is about you. You can do or not do whatever you want, and she means it! That kind of recognition allowed many participants to create an experience most aligned with their true nature. Now for the yoga, I am a beginner and will always be a beginner. Shayna and Anna (assistant yoga teacher) presented positions and their modifications. This allowed me to try different yoga positions and develop an experience that was specific to my body and I appreciate that. We also did Yoga Nidra (sleep meditation) and Kundalini Yoga (breathing exercise while holding certain positions). I enjoy experiences outside of my comfort zone because that's where growth happens. I promise you, if you decide to travel with Yoga Beyond the Studio you won't regret it. It was truly life changing for me.
By TANISHA L for Art & Soul Yoga Retreat in Greece '21 on 05 Oct, 2021
It was the first time I participated the Art & Soul Yoga Retreat. The experience is way beyond that I expected. The retreat was well organized and prepared, even in the middle of the pandemic with prepare extra paper work, extra precautious. Shayna , Mor and Anna did an excellent job to put everything together and gave us an incredible lifetime event. We all came from different countries, or different areas in US, we felt like a big family. Every one cared about every one; every one appreciated every one. Greece is a such a beautiful place to visit. The blue ocean, blue bright sky plus white clouds compose the basic colors of the country. The ocean breeze and open view made me feel it was a true paradise. The food in our hotel was incredibly delicious, fresh and healthy, making us to eat more. My favorite part was the dancing class. Every one was laughing, smiling and totally enjoyed the movements. I certainly will join the retreats in the future as long as my time/schedule allows me.
By Bihong Z for Art & Soul Yoga Retreat in Greece '21 on 30 Sep, 2021
I had a fantastic time in Greece! The trip was well planned and executed. And the hosts, Shayna, Mor and Anna were so much fun and made the trip even better than expected. I would highly recommend this trip to Amorgos with Yoga Beyond the Studio. Whether you are a beginner or pro, there is something for everyone. You will leave with lasting memories. Additionally, the staff at the hotel made us feel like family and were extremely helpful. Food was plentiful and tasty.
By Cristina E for Art & Soul Yoga Retreat in Greece '21 on 20 Sep, 2021


Shayna is an amazing yoga instructor. I'm a beginner to yoga and can say that Shayna teaches yoga in a way that is always approachable and fun. Her retreats are truly experiences of a lifetime, unique and memorable. Shayna's incredible attention to details means that the retreat is planned very well which is exactly what you need when you're trying to de-stress and relax on vacation. I highly recommend her Yoga retreats!
By Mor H on 09 Mar, 2019