Jodie and Uval are amazing human beings. The retreat was extremely well taught, organized, balanced and executed from the beginning to.., I was going to say to the end , but the experience still remains! Thank you for being who you are! See you in Guatemala:))))
By Marjan M for Summer Solstice Retreat: Beach Yoga Weekend in Beautiful Northfork, NY on 04 Jul, 2021
Can't wait for next year's Summer Solstice Retreat. Great spot, right on the water. Jodie and UV created the perfect experience. In minutes they created a sense of community despite the fact that most of us were strangers. They made the whole weekend fun as well as inspirational. We came back relaxed, refreshed and ready to re-emerge from the long COVID darkness. Thanks Jodie, UV and Susan - property manager at Jamesport Suite.
By Ellen H for Summer Solstice Retreat: Beach Yoga Weekend in Beautiful Northfork, NY on 29 Jun, 2021
Yuval knows how yo throw a party! His events, restaurants, accommodations and groups of people were top notch, perfect!!
By Marylu D for Cinco De Mayo ON the beach! Yoga & Sound, Chocolates & Wines on 14 May, 2019