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Life changing! I am brand new to practice of yoga and Zuda Yoga Studio. I’ve waited to write this review because I did feel my words would do the experience justice. I would highly recommend to anyone even a new yogi like myself. It was truly life changing for me. The experience provided by Ann-Marie and Steph is AMAZING. I have never felt so free and light. The environment created by AMK and Steph is one of acceptance and inclusivity of all. I’m so glad for the experiences they provided in this trip. Also, all of the awesome Bali Babes I met... Truly healing, therefore LIFE CHANGING and FUN!
Babes in Bali, November 2019 trip was extraordinary. AMK, Steph and team created a dream trip filled with experiences you would never have going on your own. Initially I was hesitant to travel as far as Bali, finding every reason of why I couldn’t go - job, young kids and life. However, when it came time to fly back to CA, I felt so in love with Bali, the trip and my journey while there, I didn’t want to leave. Bali is more than a place, it becomes a feeling that you carry with you. It is one of self-love, love for others, health and desire. AMK with Bali can open your mind and remind you that amazing things are out there for you, if you give yourself the opportunity to experience them. Moreover, the meals were creations of love, fresh vegetables, fruit and the coconut milk that 😊 filled my soul and brought alive tastes I never knew. Just say yes to Bali 2020 and stay longer if you can, a truly unforgettable trip.
People that don’t understand what it’s like to go away on retreat, will never understand how glorious it feels. This retreat was a true sisterhood. Aside from AMK, I was meeting the other retreat goers for the first time. There is something truly magical about going in an adventure like this. Especially, since this was my very first time this far away from home. It’s the first stamp on my passport. This retreat is forever tattooed in my heart. The food is amazing and massages EVERY DAY, doesn’t suck. I experienced a nurturing and healing that I don’t think was possible In my comfort zone. Thank you AMK and Steph for creating a safe space far away from distractions to immerse us strangers in a land of mystical beauty and love., for the sole purpose of deep connection within ourselves and to each other. I will definitely be back ♥️
This is my second retreat with AMK and I did get nervous to fly back to Bali again even after knowing how amazing my first experience was. I feel so proud of myself for doing it again and I’ve gone deeper into my self work and healing. You can never give yourself too much love. Best self investment available on the market in my opinion. AMK really has a gift for creating space for those who want to grow.
I attended this retreat on a whim. I had no expectations nor agenda. I simply wanted to experience healing in a city called "medicine". I was gifted with healing and community in Ubud, thanks to the creative and inclusive planning of Ann Marie and Steph. The theme for the retreat ended up being, breaking the habit of being yourself. We immersed ourselves in varied healing modalities which we were tasked to take back with us to our "real" lives. I feel equipped to be the me I was always meant to be due to the guidance of our retreat leaders. Thank you for this blessing of a trip. I am healed.
AMK gave us a perfectly curated Bali experience. Everything was intentional. I came in with no expectations without even knowing AMK or the Zuda community. None of this mattered as this retreat was one of the most transformative weeks of my life. ❤️
I can't imagine a better experience in Bali. Anne Marie and her assistants Sara and Amber made me feel so taken care of on this trip. From the delicious meals cooked by an amazing chef, to the attention to detail in the hotel we stayed, to the care taken to tend to our every need, I felt right at home. This trip was all about getting out of my comfort zone, and boy did Anne Marie deliver. But because of the supportive environment created by her and everyone who attended, I felt at ease sharing some of my most personal feelings and experiences. Thank you for creating such a wonderful experience.
By Dina Cataldo for Bali Women's Retreat on 28 May, 19
Life changing and mind opening.
By Kailey Herron for Bali Women's Retreat on 27 May, 19
We had such an amazing time! Floating leaf was absolutely spectacular--the staff so friendly and the food was out of this world!
I had a fantastic time in Bali with Zuda Yoga. This was my 2nd retreat I have taken outside of the United States, and would highly recommend a retreat led by Anne Marie Kramer. The week consisted a lot with yoga, however there was an ample amount of time that was centered on self reflection, individual recognition, and emotional exploration. Arriving to Bali, I only knew Anne Marie. After the week, I became friends with 15 additional beautiful people who attended the retreat. I am definitely signing up for another Zuda retreat!
The accomodations and yoga was awesome. The staff and beautiful people of The Floating Leaf always showed kindness and happiness.
This trip was amazing. It felt like three beautiful, carefree weeks instead of one. We did two daily yoga practices (vinyasa in the am and restorative in the pm) and ate delicious and healthy food. We took a trip to Ubud and Tirta Empul, both of which were highlights. The owners and staff went above and beyond to make us feel cared for and pampered. I'd like to thank Marie and Anne Marie for all their hard work in planning a rejuvenating trip that spoke to our souls.