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9 Useful Trip Planning Tools

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By Michelle Yang

9 Useful Trip Planning Tools

We know that planning your dream trip can be a time-consuming and tedious task.  From finding an ideal location you want to visit to looking up reviews of the hottest tourist attractions in town to searching for the best hotels available, it can take days, weeks, and even months to gather all the information together.

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Some people simply don’t have the time to organize trips. But don’t worry! We’ve compiled a list of 8 simple tools, which will help you plan your trip in no time! All of these tools are designed to make planning a trip as efficient as possible.

trip planning tools


An easy way to find and book group transportation, AllAboard is an on-demand marketplace for group transportation that seamlessly connects organizers with the right buses, limos and shuttles.

It can recommend the most ideal vehicles for you based on your group size and location. It also allows you to coordinate with your whole group on a single page with shared trip details, pickup times and locations, updates, and payment.

Google Maps

A personalized and visual map experience, Google Maps customizes locations that seem to match your personal interests. It also allows you to compile your favorite restaurants or tourist spots in a particular location, so you can either share them with your friends or keep them as reminders for yourself. 

Google Maps has quickly become the preeminent mapping tool for people around the world. Many millenials in fact could not imagine a world without Google Maps. Google Maps makes getting around a new town or city a seamless experience which in turn enhances the safety and security of travellers.


Formrely known as RelayRides, Turo connects people, who have no use for their car currently, with people, who need a car. You can rent cars that are up to 40% cheaper than other car rental services, wherever and whenever you need it.

trip planning tools


Trevii helps you find the best price for tickets to popular tourist attractions in various cities around the world. It factors in free entry dates, age-related discounts, and other options, which optimizes ticket costs for you!


Acting as an online icebreaker, VacationMingler is a tool that connects you to people who may be vacationing in the same place as you are! And who knows? You may make lifelong friends, while on your vacation through VacationMingler


Yonder is an app for travelers to detail their personal experiences and adventures, Yonder helps you decide the best locations to visit during your trip, based on the personal reviews and experiences of people, who have been there before. 

By using the latest in technology and design to build thoughtfully-crafted products Yonder seeks to liberate the travel review space. Their roots lie in mobile software and they believe strongly that the best community is the one that’s always nearby and ready to encourage adventure. 


Wetravel is a platform for group trip planning. Whether you are a tour guide or planning a trip with friends, you can use Wetravel to organize itineraries, travelers, and collect payment. There are also plenty of trips for you and your friends to sign up for if you don’t want to do the planning yourself.

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Michelle Yang

Article by Michelle Yang

Born and raised in California, Michelle is a writer and adventurer at heart. Inspired by her family trips around the world, she loves to explore exciting places, eat delicious foods, and make new friends on her adventures. Michelle can speak three languages to varying degrees of success: English, Spanish, and Chinese. Some of her future destinations include Amsterdam, Cape Town, and Chiang Mai.