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Affordable Yoga Retreats in California

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By Lucy Pearson

Affordable Yoga Retreats in California

When it comes to all things yoga; there’s no doubt it’s a booming business. From the latest tights to the crème de la crème of yoga mats, gone are the days when practicing yoga simply meant downward-dogging, without any of the must-have accessories to go with it.

And for yogis wanting to partake in an all-inclusive yoga retreat that will benefit their body, mind, and soul, the fees are often out of reach for anyone not bringing home a significant salary.

However, there are affordable options out there; it’s simply a case of finding them. With that in mind, we’ve curated some of the most affordable yoga retreats that California has to offer. For anyone based in the Sunshine State, here are our top yoga retreats that won’t break the bank.

5 Affordable Yoga Retreats in California

Second Annual Ageless Yoga Retreat – $339USD

Based at the rustic Mountain Home Ranch, Jean Mazzei’s Ageless Yoga Retreat invites yogis to practice ego-free in a supportive environment. Exploring the foundations of how to truly be free, the retreat includes yoga, meditation, and hiking. Suitable for anyone wanting to delve into the healing properties of yoga practice, Mazzei’s retreat will leave visitors free from limiting beliefs and in charge of their heart’s desire.

Power of Love Yoga Retreat – $225USD

A heart-awakening getaway at its core, Zach Beach’s Power of Love retreat will utilize yoga, meditation, and practices derived from the latest psychology to open and awaken the heart. Including morning meditation, yoga and yin as well as freshly prepared vegetarian food, visitors are also encouraged to access the 355 acres of open meadows and redwood forests throughout the retreat. With partner yoga and a Thai massage class on offer, it’s the perfect retreat for anyone wanting to get up close and personal with themselves.

Napa Valley Yoga Retreat – $850USD

The Napa Valley Yoga Retreat is a 4-night getaway at the Indian Springs Resort & Spa with Jess Pierno and Julie Nogueira that promises to be a wonderful adventure and is undoubtedly one of California’s most affordable yoga retreats. Kicking off each morning with an energizing yoga class in the resort’s aptly named Buddha Pond, attendees will then have the opportunity to hike, bike and canoe during the day, before enjoying a relaxing slow flow class as the day draws to its end. With an in-house spa offering a signature mud bath treatment, it promises to be a relaxing retreat for all.

Sri Yoga Retreat – $750USD

For a midsummer sanctuary located in the magnificent Stewart Mineral Springs, find your bliss at Sri Yoga Retreat with Jean Mazzei and Brenna Geehan. With a focus on the mountainous location of the retreat, guests will be encouraged to hike and tour the nearby nature, as well as take part in the daily yoga, meditation, and pranayama. If you’re ready to ask some questions of life and to receive deep healing in the process, Sri Yoga Retreat will do exactly that and more.

Spring Cleaning for the Soul – $780USD

If you want to see in the new season refreshed and revitalized as we leave winter in our wake, try yoga and meditation retreat Spring Cleaning for the Soul. Located on the Russian River in Sonoma County and hosted by Amy Hyun Swart and Elizabeth McKinley, this four-day immersion includes guided meditation and both Hatha and restorative yoga. Set on a private estate amongst 100 acres of land and serving organic and vegetarian fare, you’ll leave ready to welcome the coming seasons with open arms.

These are just a sample of the affordable yoga retreats in California on offer this year. There are all sorts of alternative experiences available for varying budgets, so if you’e dreaming of a yoga retreat in sunny California, then there’ll on WeTravel for you.

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Lucy Pearson

Article by Lucy Pearson

Lucy is a certified bookworm and qualified yoga teacher with a thirst for adventure. Originally from London; she currently lives in Sydney, and writes about books, travel and life down under on her blog, The Unlikely Bookworm.