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Arizona Rises as Hike Destination: Camelback Mountain, Phoenix Photo Series


By Kayla Bernardino

Arizona Rises as Hike Destination: Camelback Mountain, Phoenix Photo Series

Arizona is quickly becoming a hit hiking destination. The Grand Canyon is an obvious must-see, but the hype about other gorgeous getaways in the Copper State like the Havasupai Falls and the Camelback Mountain, is bringing eyes to Arizona. With a five-star rating on Yelp, you need to check out the Camelback Mountain Hike. 

Just Another Weekend: Phoenix Photos Series

Sometimes, it’s nice to get out of the city. Away from the hub of people– and a few weekends ago, away from all things Super Bowl. I don’t have anything against the sport (though I’m more of a NBA gal myself), but the influx of football fanatics was not appealing to me at all. An estimated 1 million people were expected to attend the #SB50 events in San Francisco, with expectations of congestion and “carmageddon.”

Because of this, plus my desire to get some Vitamin D (apparently, the weather was great in the Bay, oops) and as an early V-day gift to my boyfriend, I booked us some last-minute flights to Phoenix, and we were off!

Hiking Camelback Mountain

A One-of-a-Kind Visit to the Desert Botanical Garden

According to quite a few news outlets, the much-feared traffic disaster didn’t end up happening, due to the efforts of traffic control cops as well as the fact that many opted for public transportation. Regardless, a weekend spent in nature is always something I appreciate, Super Bowl or not. If you would like to read more of our stories about Arizona, check out our Grand Canyon story or our Havasupai Guide.

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Kayla Bernardino

Article by Kayla Bernardino

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