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7 Countries You Didn’t Know Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

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7 Countries You Didn’t Know Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

Celebrate St. Patrick's Day Around the World

Wherever you’ve traveled to, chances are you are in close proximity to somewhere that will celebrate St. Patty’s Day with cheer and beer. Where will you celebrate?

Saint Patrick’s day is a Christian celebration honoring Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland on March 17th. It is celebrated by Irish people everywhere in the world, and involve parades, festivals, the wearing of green colors, shamrocks, dances, music, etc… nowadays, even non-Irish people claim to be « Irish for one day » and take part in the celebrations.

Live from Scotland

Scotland has a strong Irish community (especially in Glasgow) and of course celebrates St Patrick’s day, mostly in pubs where special parties are held.

Stephanie in Scotland
Stephanie in Scotland

I am currently living in Edinburgh, and since a few weeks, I can see signs everywhere in front of the numerous pubs across the city, saying that green colors will be displayed, happy hours on Irish whiskeys and beers (Guinness!) will be on offer, and traditional music will be played. It sure will be a great day for pub crawls and dancing, as Scottish people are known for their love of party. I will surely be among them and share a beer or two and sing along!

Green color and shamrocks

St Patrick is said to have used this three-leaved plant to explain the Holy Trinity to the pagan Irish to evangelize the country. As for the color green, it is associated with Ireland since the 1640s.

7 Countries You Didn’t Know Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day

    1. Ireland

    In Ireland, St Patrick’s day is not a national day, although it is a public holiday. The biggest celebration is held in Downpatrick, where St. Patrick is said to be buried.

Downpatrick. Image Source

    2. Great Britain

    In Great Britain, many cities hold parades, the biggest one being in Birmingham, and the third biggest parade in the world after Dublin and New York.

In many European countries, parties are held although parades are not always running in the streets. However, almost every Irish pub mark this day!

3. USA

In the United States, St Patrick’s day is not a legal holiday but is still widely recognized and celebrations include big displays of the color green, parades, and celebrations of the Irish-American culture.

St. Patrick’s Day in the USA. Image Source

    4. Canada

    Canada’s flag has a shamrock in its lower-right quadrant, and the city of Montreal has one of the longest-running and largest parade in North America.

    5, 6, and 7. Japan, South Korea, and Malaysia

    Even in Asia, parades are held in Japan, South Korea and Malaysia.

    In Tokyo, Japan they celebrate the holiday, too! Image Source

Surprising, right? Thanks Stéphanie for your research about St. Patrick’s Day. We Hope you enjoy your time in Scotland! Follow us on Instagram to see her adventures. If you are celebrating St Patrick’s day anywhere in the world, please share your pictures on Instagram with the hashtag #wetravel.to. Where are you traveling to soon? If you are organizing a trip, try our platform and sign up here!


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