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Dazzling Photos of San Francisco Cityscapes to Make you Forget the Dreary Weather


By Zainab Ali

Dazzling Photos of San Francisco Cityscapes to Make you Forget the Dreary Weather

Feeling gloomy from the chilly weather and gray skies? Check out these dazzling photos of the San Francisco Cityscapes taken by Wetravel’s very own photographer, and where you need to go to see these views in person(when the weather dries up a bit!)

If you are in San Francisco right now, the view you probably have right outside is something similar to this photo someone tweeted of the Golden Gate Bridge this morning.

Kaci Aitchison tweeted about this cute seagull modelling in front of the SF bridge.
Kaci Aitchison tweeted about this cute seagull modelling in front of the SF bridge.

The upcoming forecast for San Francisco isn’t really looking any brighter with showers predicted for the weekend and mostly cloudy skies for next week. Not to worry though! Save these tips for the perfect quintessential San Francisco view for when the weather clears up.

Get to Treasure Island for your Perfect Cityscape View

Head to Treasure Island to see this view. Photography by Zainab Ali.

There are many beautiful places to see San Francisco’s skyline, but perhaps the best is Treasure Island/Yerba Buena Island. On one side, you’ll see the Bay Bridge, the Transamerica Pyramid, Coit Tower, and a flurry of other skyscrapers. On the other, you’ll find a gorgeous view of the Bay Bridge. For anyone visiting SF, this is a must-see. It’s easily accessible by car, and even has parking right in front of the vista point. However, on weekend nights, spaces do tend to fill up quickly.

How to Capture it:

To photograph the cityscape in all its glory at night, you’ll need a DSLR camera (or equivalent) and a tripod. My recommendations for all travel photography equipment is here in my previous post.  Simply set the shutter speed to be about two seconds long, open the aperture as wide as possible (put it on the smallest f-stop), and set the iso high, but not so high that your image becomes too grainy. However, even without all this equipment, Treasure Island is definitely worth a visit for the breathtaking view alone.

bay bridge.jpg
Another great shot from Treasure Island. Photography by Zainab Ali.
treasure island.jpg
A foggy night only enhances your photo’s potential as if gave this shot a purple hue. Zainab Ali.

The Ferry Building is Just a Few Steps Away

If you don’t have a car while visiting SF, another great place to see the city from is the Ferry Building at the Embarcadero. The Ferry Building is a short walk from the Embarcadero BART (Bay Area equivalent of the subway) station. Simply enter the building and walk all the way to the back, where you’ll find another gorgeous view of the city. Not to mention, the Ferry Building is an SF icon in its own right, and is full of delicious local bites, such as Gott’s Roadside and Blue Bottle Coffee.

Ferry Building.JPG
Get to the Ferry Building to see SF’s quintessential architecture. Zainab Ali.

What to Do in San Francisco this Weekend

If you are in the San Francisco area, check out one of Wetravel’s Yoga Workshops happening on Jan 23. Don’t worry about the rain because it’s held indoors at Tantara, right on the edge of Chinatown. If spaces run out, check out some of our other yoga retreats coming up soon. The spaces fill up fast so reserve your spot as soon as you can!

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