Havasupai Falls Going Viral: What You Need to Know

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By Christina Nguyen

Havasupai Falls Going Viral: What You Need to Know

Havasupai Falls Going Viral: What You Need To Know

Here at Wetravel, we’re not only a trip organizing platform. We tell you about the places you need to see and what you need to know. Today, we’re telling you about this secluded paradise that’s blowing up on everyone’s list of things to do before they die.

The Video All Over Facebook

You might have seen this clip that went viral showing extreme cliff jumping shots off the Havasupai Falls. 

The fifteen second video is visually stimulating enough to get your adrenaline rushing as you watch incredible stunt jumps shot with a drone zooming around the cliffs.

On Instagram

The Havasupai Falls are also gaining attention on other social media platforms such as Instagram.

Where Are the Havasupai Falls

The falls are no doubt a place that represents everything about the reasons why we travel. Would you believe that this scenic paradise is right here in the United States?

When I told you all about the best time to visit the Grand Canyon, I had no idea that a gem like this was hidden right around the corner. The Havasupai Falls are located in Arizona at the end of an intense hike in the Grand Canyon. But before you start your road trip and fantasize about your cinematic leap, there are important things you need to know.


The Havasu Falls from This World Exists. Follow their travel blog.

What you Need to Know

  • Jumping off the cliffs is prohibited and extremely dangerous: The depth levels of the pools change and there can be sharp and rocky bits on the bottom. There also has been a drowning incident due to a strong undercurrent right beneath the falls. This is something you have to do before you die, but let’s not make it the last thing you do.
  • Only a certain number of people are permitted per day: You need to make a reservation in advance just to visit, and camping and lodging is separate. Although people are already trying to book, the office is not taking reservations until February 1st. The phone lines will be very busy, but keep trying! People tend to cancel when it gets closer to their date.
  • It’s a strenuous hike: be prepared to be physically challenged but greatly rewarded.

Here’s a full guide, written by Mike Stith, of everything you need to be prepared to visit. His extensive guide covers what essentials you need to bring and a breakdown of the different waterfalls.

Preserve the Land

One of the most important things to remember about this destination is to preserve this beautiful landmark. It is a fragile environment and be sure to leave the place as pristine as when you came. It’s a wonderful thing that the Havasupai Indian Tribe of Arizona allows the world to see this place in person.

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Follow Julia on Instagram for more of her beautiful photos around the world.
Follow Julia on Instagram for more of her beautiful photos around the world.

Special thanks to Julia Pelio for allowing Wetravel to feature her stunning photos. Be sure to follow her on Instagram for more pictures of her travels.


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