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Introducing the Retreat Center Directory Powered by WeTravel

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By Sonja Bolger

Introducing the Retreat Center Directory Powered by WeTravel

Looking for the perfect retreat center to hold your next yoga retreat?

Here at WeTravel, we love helping retreat leaders to plan the best possible retreat they can. From the beginning stages of creating an email list and using social media to create interest, to crafting a retreat program, and keeping in touch with your attendees after the retreat has ended. We want to help you make your retreat stand out from the crowd, and use our payment gateway to make marketing, creating a pricing plan and taking payments easier.

Retreat Center Directory

But one major part of planning a yoga retreat is finding the right location, and so we’re excited to announce the Retreat Centre Directory to help you find the perfect location more quickly and easily. Whether you know the exact country or place you want to hold your next retreat, or you’re open to ideas based on the type of location, like the beach, a mountain, or an urban environment, you’ll be able to use the Retreat Centre Directory to find the perfect retreat centre for you.

Retreat Center Directory

We’ve compiled thousands of retreat centres worldwide into one searchable directory. You can search for and compare centres in all sorts of different locations. Look at the map to see where they are, and filter by category, price and amenities. Once you narrow your choices down you can contact the centres directly to ask any questions you need to ask before booking a centre, and then book directly which your chosen retreat centre.

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Check out the Retreat Center Directory here

Finding the right retreat centre can just as long as planning the retreat itself, but with the Retreat Centre Directory we want to give you back some of that time so that you can concentrate on the planning of the event itself and making it the best it can be.

Retreat Center Directory

So if you’re planning a yoga retreat, why not check out the Retreat Centre Directory to find the perfect retreat location for your group!

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Sonja Bolger

Article by Sonja Bolger

Sonja is a perpetual expat who has finally settled in Edinburgh Scotland, after living in 5 other countries. When not exploring new places and seeking new adventures she can usually be found in a cafe, writing about her expat and travel adventures on her blog, Migrating Miss. Sonja is WeTravel's Blog Editor.