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Photo Story: An Intimate look at Gujarat, India

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By Zainab Ali

Photo Story: An Intimate look at Gujarat, India

an intimate look at Gujarat, India

An intimate look at Gujarat, India in Photos: Zainab Ali

WeTravel is the trip organizing platform to help you plan your trip and get to the destination you have always dreamed of. We know that our travel lovers need a little bit of inspiration from time to time. Take an intimate look at Gujarat, India with photos that our photographer took on her recent trip. It’s India’s westernmost state, and it is home to numerous sacred sites and scenic beauty. No wonder Gujarat is India’s most popular state for tourism.

Caravan of camels in Gujarat, India

Caravan of camels led by a local in Gujarat, India

Cattle lounging in front of a rural home in Khambat (Cambay), Gujarat, India

Rani Ki Vav, an ancient stepwell from the 11th century A.D. in Patan, Gujarat

A semi-wealthy Indian family’s bungalow in Khambta (Cambay), Gujarat, India

Street in Gujarat, India

Mosque in Khambat (Cambay), Gujarat, India

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