San Diego Yoga Festival

5 Reasons You Should Come To The San Diego Yoga Festival


By Shawna Schenk

5 Reasons You Should Come To The San Diego Yoga Festival

San Diego Yoga Festival is an epic 4-day festival happening in one of the sunniest corners of the earth, San Diego, California. The San Diego Yoga Festival will offer non-stop classes for four days straight led by some of the most powerful and talented healers in the world, January 27-30, 2017. 1-day, 3-day, and Post-Conference tickets will be sold. This festival is Yoga Conference meets Lightning in a Bottle, grassroots style, on the beach.

Five reasons to come to the San Diego Yoga Festival:

#1: Unity

There is a class for everyone! The San Diego Yoga Festival is inviting all beings, regardless of yoga experience or style preference, to come to the festival. The festival is offering over 90 classes led by the top 50 teachers in San Diego and Southern California. Come if you’ve never done yoga before and get exposed to all the different flavors of yoga! Come if you are an experienced yogi or yoga teacher (this festival will be like Yoga College with so many epic classes to take to further expand your knowledge in this field!).

We are excited to announce that we are featuring one of the oldest yoga teachers on the planet (92 years old!) and youngest (8 years old!) at this epic event. There is a teacher for everyone.

We are offering (almost) every style of yoga known to modern yogis, and honoring all levels and experiences of people with yoga and holistic medicine. We are also offering specialized classes like Chair Yoga for people whose bodies cannot sit comfortably on the floor, Yoga for the Military led by a military wife, Yoga for kids (of all ages) and even yoga for your dogs! That’s right: we will even have two yoga classes for you and your dogs: one for the mellow mutt and one for the more hyper doggie.

Check out the San Diego Yoga Festival schedule here.

#2: Peaceful Protest

Yoga is a means to shift change in the world for the better. Yoga and natural medicine has been proven by science (over and over again) to literally change the cells in our body and change the brainwaves in our mind. This medicine is powerful, reminding people of their birthright to be peaceful and happy.

Yoga is not a sport: so there is no competition. In a world where we are conditioned to compete and compare ourselves to one another, we are removed from our true nature: love. We must be the change to change the world and yoga helps us do that. With our current political state, the poison that is the “food” being sold to us as health in the supermarket, and the overall stress level and sense of urgency causing mental and physical dis-ease in the average human, this world needs change.

Yoga festivals are a means of a peaceful protest, bringing people together to stand up for their birthright of peace and love. When we get together and celebrate health we create a collective consciousness that changes the self and then changes the world. Today is the time for this change and the festival is so happy to provide the seeds that help this grow. The four days will be surrounded by happy people remembering who they are: caring, peaceful souls meant to give and be good to themselves and the world.

#3: California Sunshine and the So-Cal Experience

We are offering the festival in the heart of winter where the San Diego sun will still be shining brightly. It is epic here 365 days a year and we want to share that with you. Classes will be held throughout the small, hippie, iconic town of Ocean Beach as far west as you can get right on the coast. This town is filled with tie-dye and smiles.

We will be doing yoga inside and outside. Classes will be offered on the beach, over the ocean on the longest pier on the West Coast, and on the famous Sunset Cliffs, with the waves crashing under us as the sun shines on our face. We will also offer indoor classes at some of the coolest venues in Ocean Beach including yoga studios, coffee shops, bars, an art gallery, and even a winery! We will also be giving you the So-Cal experienced throughout the weekend: surfing classes and yoga on skateboard at the skatepark will be offered. We are NAMA-stoked.

San Diego has been rated one of the top places in the world to do yoga: it is one of 5 places in the world with more yoga than anything else per capita. We have a lot of teachers and a lot of studios here! We picked the best of the best teachers and studios to give you truly mind-blowing yoga experiences.

#4: Unforgettable Classes

Drumming ceremonies, beach bonfires, body paint partner yoga (with hOMemade paint from kale and beets), sound healing, Reiki, third eye workshops, ancestral blockage removal classes, DNA regeneration, Shamanic Healing, Chocolate and Yoga, Wine and Yoga, a yoga flash mob on the street, Hip Hop yoga, Glow in the Dark Yoga, Kirtan, Fire Dancing on the beach, ACRO-yoga, Thai Massage, yoga and acupuncture, aromatherapy, meditation, mudras, chanting, breathwork, yoga philosophy, abundance workshops, inversion classes, classes led by doctors, classes led by business owners, classes with talented musicians…we are offering it all.

#5: Abundance

Money is an energy like anything else. When you invest in a positive energy, you receive positive energy. Spending money on good things will make you physically, mentally, and emotionally richer. This is a fact.

In a world ruled by money, we want to give. Yoga is priceless: it has more value than anything in the world to us as it changes lives: it gives people their peace back. There is nothing more important or valuable than that. Honoring the value of the medicine: the importance of investing in the self, while also making this festival affordable, San Diego Yoga Festival is one of the most affordable festivals to attend in the world. Tickets are cheaper than the average festival and the money invested in this festival is used for good to help support grassroots and like-minded people be able to bring change and good to the world.

For reading this blog, we’d like to thank you more. Use PROMO CODE: SDFESTIVAL108 for an additional $108 off your 1 or 3-day ticket!

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Shawna Schenk, the founder of San Diego Yoga Festival and co-creator, is a San Diego yoga teacher, Reiki master, author, and spiritual activist leading classes, workshops, teacher trainings, retreats, and festivals throughout North America.. She has created 7 teacher trainings and authored a number of books including “Yoga for Teens” She has also founded the first free beach yoga movement in San Diego providing free yoga to her community in three different beach towns, every day, sometimes offering up to 3 classes a day. Learn more about Shawna at and on Facebook. Or send her an email at: and follow her at @San_Diego_Yoga.

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