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The Perfect South African Holiday

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By Kayla Bernardino

The Perfect South African Holiday

Going to a new country can be exciting but also intimidating. While traveling solo has its perks and is truly an empowering experience (I recommend doing this at least once in your life), it really does help to have a local by your side.

(Boulder Beach in Cape Town. Photo by: Kayla Bernardino)

Really, unless you’re able to spend a long period of time in one place, joining a tour or asking someone to show you around can really expedite the cultural learning. That’s why, if I’m in a new country, I’m not afraid to join a tour or purchase a tour package. I’m even more likely to do so if the price is fair (my advice to all travelers: browse Viator for a compiled list of the sights, and then contact the local companies for the best deals).

(Bridges in Tsitsikamma National Park. Photo by: Kayla Bernardino)

This past December, I was lucky enough to spend two weeks in South Africa with my boyfriend, a native to the country. Fortunately, this meant I had my own 24/7 tour guide— for free! What a win-win for this girl on a college budget.

(Zebras at the water hole in Welgevonden. Unreal. Photo by: Kayla Bernardino)

For those looking to travel to the beautiful country of South Africa, December is an amazing time to be there. It’s summertime, and the weather is beyond perfection– which is probably why the price of the flight was so expensive. That and most South Africans who work/study abroad go back for the holidays to spend time with their families.

However, if you’re looking to visit for less and go when it’s not peak season, book your flights during their winter! This is actually what I plan to do when I return (an absolute given, considering Namibia, Botswana, and Madagascar are pretty high up on life’s to-do-list). I’m told that the weather is still great near the beach and that Cape Town is gorgeous year-round. #Sold

(Getting a quick hike in on the Robberg Peninsula. Photo by: Kayla Bernardino)
(Two elephants fighting in Napoor Dam at Addo Elephant National Park. Photo by: Kayla Bernardino)

From Limpopo to Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth, Plettenbergbaai (“Plett”) and Cape Town, beautiful scenery is not in short supply when it comes to South Africa. Beach towns, “the bush,” city life… I guess you could say I was pretty spoiled with the views. Here are a few snippets from my awesome trip (stay tuned for more detailed itineraries later).

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Kayla is a passionate young traveler who has made it a priority to live life fully and adventurously. She is a UC Berkeley student who runs marathons, travels often, and writes articles all at the same time.

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Kayla Bernardino

Article by Kayla Bernardino

Kayla is a recent grad at UC Berkeley who loves traveling to new places and meeting new people. Her favorite country so far is South Africa, and her next goal is to make it to Easter Island!