Our locals guide to the Nightlife in Mumbai. Get help planning your next trip.

Trip Planning Guide for the Best of Mumbai’s Nightlife

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By Zainab Ali

Trip Planning Guide for the Best of Mumbai’s Nightlife

When the sun sets in Mumbai, locals and tourists alike come out to play. Here are some of the hottest Bars, Nightclubs, and restaurants that are sure to make your trip to Mumbai unforgettable.

WeTravel brings you close to the local experts with all the know-how to provide trip planning help. There are many lists out there of the best clubs to visit in Mumbai, but based on who’s opinion? The “best” EDM club may not exactly be your cup of tea. Browse Google’s first page about Mumbai’s nightlife and you’ll find at least 10 lists of the “best night clubs in Mumbai”, but there’s never enough information. Let’s us connect you to the best trip planning advice for the nightlife in Mumbai.

First, are you comfortable enough? I mean this both physically and mentally.

  • Attire: There’s this wonderful guide on what to wear while visiting India whether you’re in the small towns or the big city. This post offers general tips on how to keep cool and avoid standing out like a foreigner. For the night clubs, you can show a little bit more skin, just dress up as nicely as you can.
  • Safety: “Mumbai (unlike Delhi) is a rather safe city to be in and you may be safe (albeit uncomfortable) at most places in the city at any time of the day or night. That being said please take all the necessary precautions that you may take in any other big city (London, NY, Rome, Paris, etc.) Avoid dark alleyways and shady corners. Stay near a crowd or group of people.” —Jaskaran Bawa on Trippy
  • Confidence: Walk around like you know the place. Try not to look like you’re a stranger and you’ll avoid unwanted attention.

Now here’s our list of the best places to visit for the nightlife in Mumbai compiled by our friends from the area!

Asilo – The St. Regis Mumbai

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Rooftop bars are always the right idea said Mike H. on TripAdvisor. Enjoy high-class drinks on a luxurious patio located high up above the city, offering gorgeous views of Mumbai’s skyline.


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Named by CNN as one of the 7 best Mumbai Clubs. Every local’s right of passage into nightlife begins at Tryst. Its brightly colored lights, futuristic vibe, and rocking tunes ensure a night at Tryst will be unforgettable. The age group here will be the younger crowd: teenagers and up. 


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Another local favorite futuristic nightclub that screams posh and is sure to be bustling on the weekends. A night at LIV never disappoints, and if you get hungry, they have great pizza! Personal experiences at on Zomato says to be patient because the music (both in English and Desi Bollywood) really livens up after 11pm and it’s worth being in the crowd. 

Colaba Social

People can’t stop raving about this place! Image Source

One of Mumbai’s most trendy places to grab a bite– great service, music, and food– what more could you ask for? Social has quite literally the longest Long Island Iced Teas. Not to mention, they have alcohol popsicles, and serve drinks in cutting chai glasses, the type of cups chai (tea) is sold in on the streets of Mumbai.

“BTW, there are two new Social’s in town now – Khar Social & Palladium Social. Palladium Social houses a Craft Beer Tasting Room and an exclusive Burger Menu with 16 scrumptious burgers to choose from!” —Colaba Social Team


One of the best drink spots in all of Mumbai for the social atmosphere and playful vibes. You can draw on the tables! It might be more of a local favorite since the ratings on Zomato can be hit or miss.  The food isn’t bad, but don’t expect Michelin star quality. 

Radio Bar

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Retro vibes, great drinks, and great food. “You will find lamps made from cassette tapes and mikes. There is an underground dance floor, a jukebox and an alfresco area with a cart converted into a bar complete the decor.” — Roneo C. on TripAdvisor. 

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Co-written by blog editor, Christina Nguyen. Inquiries or comments can be sent directly to christina.nguyen@wetravel.to 

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