1 day - Cienaga Grande Birding Trip (Buena Vista) Q#538

10.858177, -74.416226

1 day - Cienaga Grande Birding Trip (Buena Vista) Q#538
10.858177, -74.416226

About this trip

We’ll go through the Cienaga Grande of Santa Marta on a rowboat, this one is the largest body of water in Colombia, we’re going to explore the mouths of the rivers that descend from the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta where more than 80 species of aquatic and terrestrial birds live with restricted distribution. Then, We have the opportunity to visit  Buena Vista , a pallafite village located in this area in which, we can learn about the culture and their amphibian life.

Birds of interest: Northern Screamer, Chestnut-winged Chachalaca, Reddish Egret, Black-capped Donacobius, Cocoi Heron.

What’s included

  • Bird guide
    Professional guide in Birdwatching with high knowledge in Ecology and Biology of Bird species and English proficiency
  • Travel insurance
  • Life-changing experience
    in one day you can shared with local comunities who work for birds conservancy
  • Transportation
    Ground transportation From the hotel to the Cienaga Grande, then a water transportation from a Cienaga Grande to the rivers mouth and the Palafitte village; Later on ground transportation to Ciénaga
  • Meals
    Breakfast and lunch
  • Drinks
    Water, fresh juice or tea.
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Tips
  • Laundry Services

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Cienaga Grande Lagoon

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Birding tour
Exploring Cienaga Grande de Santa Marta

05:30 am Departure from Santa Marta to the Cienaga Grande Lagoon.

06:30 am We take the rowboat and start the birding trip through the lagoon.

07:30 am We continuing explorig the lagoon and the river mouths.

09:00 am We arrive to Buena Vista village, and spent time with the local community.

12:30 pm We take lunch in Buena Vista village.

14:00 pm. We departure from Buena Vista to the hotel in Santa Marta

16:00 pm We Arrive to the Hotel in Santa Marta 

Birds of interest:

Northern Screamer, Chestnut-winged Chachalaca, Reddish Egret, Black-capped Donacobius, Cocoi Heron. 

Your Organizer

Quetzal Birdwatch
We are a consolidated company www.quetzalbirdwatch.com with more than 5 years of experience opering birding trips in Colombia. We strive to offer a quality service, so that customers live the best experiences with the birds of these regions, our tours are combined with the local culture, conservation projects and gastronomic experiences, in addition to our operation we contribute to the conservation of the Birds and the sustainable economic development of local communities. National Tourism Registry 37799