10 Women Club Worldwide Self-Healing Retreats

Riviera Nayarit, Mex. last 3 photos Hotel 1st Night in PV

Ascending Minds, LLC
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7 reviews
Oct 23 - 30, 2022
Group size: 10 - 10
10 Women Club Worldwide Self-Healing Retreats
Riviera Nayarit, Mex. last 3 photos Hotel 1st Night in PV

Ascending Minds, LLC
  • Facebook verified
7 reviews

Oct 23 - 30, 2022
Group size: 10 - 10

About this trip

 Your sacred meeting place and beautiful venue has been chosen just for you and the other VIP attendees. Exquisite and stylish cultural Mexican art and design is only part of this one-of-a-kind adventure and unique, magical retreat experience. The surroundings are private,  and luxurious, with views looking out at the vast Pacific Ocean. Located  in the stunning Riviera Nayarit, Mexico,  the amazing and very private villas, and emphasis on award winning transformative therapy practices sets this retreat apart from the rest. 

This unique, refreshing, mind and body, therapeutic retreat is catered for an exclusive group of 10  women in the prime of their lives. This retreat mainly focuses on  award winning hypnotherapy, sound bowl healing, quantum healing, Qi Gong energy movement,  and Kriya Yoga meditation. This meditation is real, practical  and everlasting. 

The 10  Women Club has invited guest speaker, Dr. Kay Ellen Theyerl to join us on this retreat. 

 Dr. Kay Ellen Theyerl, MD, MS, FACP, DipABLM, DipAIHM will join us on this retreat. Dr. Kay's passion for promoting healthy lifestyles began early in her career and has continued into her medical practice. Applying an integrative lifestyle approach, she inspires her patients with tools to help them optimize their health and wellbeing. Dr. Kay’s aesthetic medicine practice is the perfect complement to her holistic approach with patients.  Empowering people to look and feel great by enhancing their lives and reflecting their inner beauty - mind, body, and spirit - is something she finds incredibly rewarding. 

Dr. Kay is Board Certified in Internal Medicine, Lifestyle Medicine,  Integrative Medicine, and has earned certification in The Resilient Heart: Trauma-Sensitive HeartMath training. She is CEO and Medical Director of Refine MD, an aesthetic, medical spa.  

 All practices are professionally certified. 

No hidden costs.  Before the retreat, we plan and work with you on all travel arrangements. Your day of arrival  before the retreat has been arranged and we are providing COMPLIMENTARY LODGING and complimentary transportation to the hotel from the Puerto Vallarta airport for your first night's stay before we head to the retreat venue the next day. We will all stay at the same hotel and each participant will have their own junior suite-private room. The hotel is steps to the sea. Each room has a pool view or partial sea view and pool view. This hotel is minutes from the Puerto Vallarta Airport. 

Join us for an incredible experience and a personal transformation to last a lifetime. Be one of the 10!

Is This Retreat For You?

  • Are you a motivated woman, in the prime of your life, seeking something uniquely different? 
  • Are you looking for a magical experience that involves travel? 
  • Are you seeking a tranquil space that allows you to expand your way of thinking, giving you control, connection and confidence to really live a life that is truly worth living? 
  • Are you looking for like-minded travelers, merry-makers, adventurers, and magic-makers? 
  • Do you want to learn and form a special bond with your retreat circle? 
  • Are you ready to work on yourself receiving certified therapeutic practices? 

Our Promise

A fantastic way change can come about is to belong to a community with a support system that welcomes you and supports you at every step on your path. 

By joining this extraordinary retreat, you enter a supportive circle of sisterhood with nine other women. At the end of seven days, you will be able to: 

  • Work on spirit, mind and body awareness to feel rejuvenated, hopeful and forever young. 

  • Learn insight to connect with yourself and anyone you meet.

  • Form a special bond with your purposeful sacred sisterhood circle, learning to be a force of goodwill together and spreading light out in the world. 

  • Discover surety, self-awareness, self-respect and self love, as you move forward in life on an easier path. 

  • Bond more strongly with your new circle of friends, as you move forward together, supporting each other, lifting each other to higher ground and walking each other home.  

Our Purpose

Our purpose during this seven-day retreat, is to welcome you into a safe, accepting and a supportive environment. We are here to guide you, bolster you with assistance and the tools you need, as you gain the power to begin your healing journey, bond with us and your new sister circle of nine other women.  As you embark on the next phase of your life’s journey, we will guide you further to achieve confidence, connection and control in order to live a life that is truly worth living. 

Whom We Serve

The 10 Women Club Self-Healing Retreat is for women in the prime of

their lives, who feel there is something better within their reach. It is for

motivated women, who want to build confidence and momentum in order

to move past the current challenges in their lives. 

The Forever After Journey

Once your 10 Women Club circle has formed its bond, your journey

genuinely begins. The 10 of you will set out on your own self-discoveries

and group-discoveries alike. By the time you leave this sacred retreat

you will: 

  • Connect with anyone you wish to meet, at any time. 
  • Progress with ease working from your center in a calm, contemplated state with keen insight and full control of your emotions.
  • Gain self awareness, self respect and self love, everything you will need to continue moving ahead confidently. 
  • Receive support through the next phase of your life from your new sacred sisterhood circle.

Your sacred circle will naturally grow brighter, stronger, moving forward together with creative ideas to work together, planning wonderful happenings and events as your group, experiencing new adventures together or simply connecting to practice the methods you learn at the retreat.

Ahead of the Retreat-Planning

Sometimes international, solo travel may be a bit daunting. 

Among the topics we will cover: 

  • Private Workshops for our attendees for priming this therapeutical experience
  • Travel Planning -We help you arrange your travel
  • Financial Considerations-We are fair and flexible with several options 
  • Logistics on Arrival-We help you to arrange this
  • Health & Safety Tips-We assist you on what to pack, and what to avoid during your stay
  • Female Travel
  • Technology
  • On the Ground-Airport layout, our airport meeting place and what to look for at the Puerto Vallarta Airport
  • Culture & Environment
  • Cancellation Policies Explained Clearly
  • Effective, Sufficient Packing List 
  • Covid 19 Policies Explained Clearly

Replenish Youthful Energy & Gain Insight

Serenity: Daily Morning Mindfulness 1 Hour including;

Sound Healing
Kriya yoga Beginner Meditation
Thoughts for the day
Quantum energy healing with QiGong movement

Group Hypnotherapy & Coaching : Love is all there is, From Loss to Connection, (Longevity, Life Rejuvenation and Aging Well)-You can be Young Forever. The second half of life workshop with coaching. 

Other Activities: Healing Art Therapy, Laughter Yoga, Belly Dancing Lesson, Latin Dancing with Latin Beats, Core strength exercises in the community pool, Evening Round-Table Talks; Stories and Metaphors.

Kitchen Pharmacy: Group work learning what to use in the kitchen for healing.

One-on-One:  Discovery consultations and Introduction to one on one hypnotherapy sessions can be scheduled for your down time at the retreat. You’ll learn about individual sessions, by experiencing a pre-session with first with Certified Therapist Mary in Regression hypnosis then with Certified Therapist Jennifer in Conversational Hypnosis. You will be receiving an introductory session with each therapist. A total of 90 to 120 minutes. (Extra Fee of $500.00) as an 'Add On Fee' at this retreat event, this add on fee can then be  applied toward a 6 week program specifically designed for each individual. The six week program includes one-on-one hypnotherapy full sessions and one-on-one coaching within a six week time-frame.

One-on-One: Experience half an hour of sound healing right at the retreat from Certified Therapist Olivia. (Extra Fee of $65.00 )

Learning Together: Kriya Yoga Meditation & Second Half of Life Coaching: An immersive course to teach you Kriya Yoga meditation, a lifetime tool to use everywhere and anywhere for any reason. Second Half of Life coaching gifts you insight into inner awareness, self discovery and Evening roundtable discussions discussing group energy, connecting and moving forward together.

After the Retreat

Following your retreat, you will enjoy lifelong membership in the 10 Women Club and as a member of your private, sacred circle group this includes:

Exclusive membership in the virtual space for your Circle of 10 

Online support and tips to help plan your continued circle activities and needs moving forward

Exclusive updates and content from The Guides

Invitation to annual 10 Women Club Events

Discounts on future retreats

Discounts for one-on-one sessions including Regression, Conversational hypnotherapy for chronic pain and or anxiety  and Sound Healing


Meet Your Guides and Hostesses

Jennifer Long Lites-Jennifer is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Group Life Coach, and Certified Meditation Instructor. She specializes in one-on-one using conversational hypnosis with women who are experiencing debilitating chronic pain and anxiety. Jennifer guides her clients to alleviate and completely eliminate their symptoms. She instructs groups on applying self- hypnosis, to empower individuals by using hypnosis to achieve effective results. She also teaches and coaches groups to form a life long bond as one entity as well as coaches the group to function together so that each individual benefits from the group. Jennifer is a life-long optimist and she passes on this youthful energy as she motivates and coaches groups of women in the prime of their lives. She teaches beginning Kriya Yoga meditation. She belongs to the Self Realization Fellowship worldwide prayer circle for peace.  

Mary Archbold-Certified Hypnotherapist. 

Mary Archbold is a Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Quantum healer and Certified QiGong leader as well as a Meditation and Mindfulness instructor .   Mary works one on one with clients to help them unlock their power to overcome their issues related to anxiety, depression, worthiness and other issues.  Mary's use of quantum healing techniques allows the body to heal  at the DNA level.  Her life changing work with female prison inmates launched her ability to lead groups in meditation and mindfulness practices.  Her energy work includes leading groups through QiGong exercises to optimize and balance the  powerful energy within. 

Olivia Jurado-Certified Sound Healing Therapist, Certified Expression Through Art Therapy

 Olivia is an intuitive therapist and facilitator bringing a heart centered approach to her work with individuals who are experiencing grief and loss, stress, anxiety disorders and depression. Olivia uses art, music, movement, creative writing, storytelling and play within the context of her holistic integrated creative arts therapy work with clients. She applies rehabilitation and holistic healing to enhance physical, mental and emotional functioning and well-being. Olivia also works with vibrational sound healing, supporting the body’s cells to realign, awakening the spirit and activating the innate wisdom of the body and mind to self-regulate and self-organize.

What’s included

  • Lodging
    Spacious private rooms with private bath in one of three luxurious ocean-view villas at enchanting Punta El Custodio, Nayarit, Mexico.
  • Lounges, Patios
    Plenty of space to admire and relax with beautiful decor throughout the villas.
  • En Suite Bathrooms
    A private bathroom in all bedrooms.
  • Private Plunge Pools
    Private Plunge Pools in Each Villa.
  • Large Community Pool
    Head to the community pool under the 400 year old Chalata tree, enjoy the well appointed lush gardens surrounding the pool.
  • Chef Inspired Meals
    All meals and preparation according to each retreat attendee is included , snacks and beverages at the retreat venue are prepared each day from fresh ingredients for your enjoyment and nourishment.
  • Gifts
    Gifts are a must for our guests and we have thoughtfully put together gifts that are useful, and memorable. You can look forward to receiving gifts throughout your stay at the retreat.
  • Transportation
    Transportation is included from Puerto Vallarta to Punta El Custodio with safe, experienced drivers. Pick up details are arranged.
  • Sacred Circle Rituals
    Daily: Thoughtfully crafted Sacred Circle Rituals that inspire and encourage you to form a powerful connection with your circle sisters.
  • Group Hypnosis Sessions
    Experience award winning group certified hypnosis practices.
  • Learn Self Hypnosis
    Self Hypnosis instruction is added to this retreat experience to learn how to use hypnosis to master anything outcome you desire.
  • Kriya Yoga Meditation
    Certified instruction into beginner's Kriya Yoga Meditation for effective healing within and to set the tone and intention of your day.
  • Laughter Yoga
    Experience laughter yoga and while laughing, while having fun, you are breathing and exercising lungs and abdomen and front torso.
  • Group Life Coaching
    Certified group life coaching takes place throughout the retreat to encourage the sacred circle to bond during the retreat and move forward on its own after the retreat.
  • Quantum Energy Healing
    Experience this healing practice performed in a group setting that governs health and well being.
  • Qi Gong
    Experience this system of coordinated body-posture and movement exercises.
  • Creative Art Therapy
    Experience group art therapy sessions with a technique rooted in the idea that creative expression can foster healing and mental well-being.
  • Sound Vibration Therapy
    Vibrational sound therapy can retune your body, mind and spirit, encouraging relaxation, healing and wellness.
  • A Bit of Belly Dancing
    A night time fun time learning Belly Dancing moves!
  • Nightly Round Table
    Gather around for stories, metaphorical narration and activities designed for more connection with your circle of sisters.
  • Before And After Retreat
    We work with you and the group to work toward the goal of enjoying each other before the retreat and motivating you to continue your tight bond as a sacred sisterhood circle.
  • 8 nights accommodation
    No hidden costs! All meals, transportation and group activities are included.
  • 10 VIP Attendees
    Our 10 Women Club includes VIP service before, during and well after the retreat.
  • Daily Housekeeping
    5 Star Service with Sound Covid-19 Sanitation Practices.
  • Trip Arrangements
    Assisting you with travel arrangements, airport pick up and drop off, hotel arrangements and transportation to the villas. We accompany you all along the way.
  • Transportation to Hotel
    Shuttle service from the Puerto Vallarta airport to your first night of lodging is included.
  • 1st Night Hotel Lodging
    Each participant will enjoy their first night of hotel lodging (before the retreat) on us! This close to the airport hotel is right on the beach! You will enjoy your own junior suite with good views!
  • International Travel
    You schedule your travel from your home to and from Puerto Vallarta International Airport (PVR), Mexico. This airport is served by major airlines with direct flights from a number of major cities.
  • Travel insurance
    Your trip insurance, including medical insurance, is mandatory. You can take advantage of this upon check out with WeTravel or from a provider of your choosing.
  • Extra Lodging
    Lodging after the retreat in Puerto Vallarta is not included. If you choose to travel outside the dates of the retreat, please make your own reservations accordingly.

Available Packages

Bring a Buddy + Pay in Full + Early Bird

Bring a Buddy with you to the retreat, share a room, AND pay in full at registration AND register by 20 October 2022, you both receive a $750 discount! (A 2.9% credit card fee will be added for all card purchases, but if you select to pay by ACH transfer from your bank at checkout, there is no fee.)

Early Bird + Pay In Full Now

Register by 20 October 2022 and pay in full at registration, receive a $500 discount. (A 2.9% credit card fee will be added for all card purchases, but if you select to pay by ACH transfer from your bank at checkout, there is no fee.)

Early Bird Special

If you sign up by 20 October 2022, you receive a $500 discount on the retreat. (A 2.9% credit card fee will be added for all card purchases, but if you select to pay by ACH transfer from your bank at checkout, there is no fee.)

Bring a Buddy + Pay in Full Now

With buddy registration, committing to share a room, AND paying in full at registration, you each receive a $750 discount for the retreat. (A 2.9% credit card fee will be added for all card purchases, but if you select to pay by ACH transfer from your bank at checkout, there is no fee.)

Bring a buddy, share a room!

Bring a friend! Share a room! It's nice to travel with an accountability buddy, we have one room reserved for you to share with your own beds and a private bathroom.  Share the savings of $750.00 each. (A 2.9% credit card fee will be added for all card purchases, but if you select to pay by ACH transfer from your bank at checkout, there is no fee.)

Pay In Full Now

If you book and pay in full at registration, you receive a $500 discount. (A 2.9% credit card fee will be added for all card purchases, but if you select to pay by ACH transfer from your bank at checkout, there is no fee.)

Full Price Package

The standard individual registrant price without any of the discounts as described above. Once you have registered and paid the deposit, the remaining balance may be paid in two additional monthly payments of $1,875 (A 2.9% credit card fee will be added for all card purchases, but if you select to pay by ACH transfer from your bank at checkout, there is no fee.)

Deposit: $1,250
Private Group Offer

For your group of women friends or work colleagues, we offer our experience as private retreat tailored to your needs including desired dates. There may be up to 10 women registrants, but the price for this group special is $37,500 ($1,250 off of the per-person individual price). Please contact us directly at connect@10womenclub.com for more details on our group offerings. (A 2.9% credit card fee will be added for all card purchases, but if you select to pay by ACH transfer from your bank at checkout, there is no fee.)

Deposit: $16,500


Morning Mindfulness
The Perfect Way To Start Your Day!

Each day we will start our day with a morning mindfulness routine that includes sound bowl healing, instructional and guided Kriya Yoga meditation exercises,  mindfulness exercises and energy work. 

Your Organizer

Ascending Minds, LLC
7 reviews
These pensively curated retreats for mature, motivated women achieve self-healing results in a group setting with like minded women. These retreats include, group hypnosis, group life coaching and group meditation instruction. Separate one to one sessions with hypnotherapist Jennifer Long Lites can be arranged. Group sessions transportation round trip to and from the retreat , meals and lodging are included. Ascending Minds, LLC is a certified therapy practice that uses hypnosis, psychotherapy, and clinical counseling in sessions.


A truly transformative experience. I can't say enough good things about this retreat. The accommodations were magical. The location, grounds, pools and landscaping were lovely. The food was unbelievable. Of course the activities were well organized and the therapeutic modalities well blended. I particularly enjoyed the morning meditation and Qigong practice. Our days were well planned with enough free time to really enjoy being there. I would love to go again and highly recommend this experience.
By Donna M for Ascending Minds-10WomenClub Retreats on Dec 02, 2023
Thank you for your wonderful review, Donna! Your participation and your lovely presence added to the magic that was created at the retreat. It's nice to know the experience delivered joy, laughter and relaxation into the mix. Happy you enjoyed the retreat!
By Ascending Minds, LLC on Dec 02, 2023
I can express enough how much I needed and received from this 10 women club retreat. Jennifer is an amazing organizer and creator of healing spaces. By the end of this retreat I felt fully relaxed, with new tools and new friends. I highly recommend this retreat for any woman looking for a regenerative retreat supported with love and care and laughter.. I'm definitely going again.
By caroline f for Ascending Minds-10WomenClub Retreats on Dec 02, 2023
Thank you so much for the recommendation and review, Caroline! It's wonderful to find out that you enjoyed the experience, made new friends, felt fully relaxed and have new tools to work with. See you again on the retreat trail! Thank you!
By Ascending Minds, LLC on Dec 02, 2023
This is a beautiful location and the food was amazing.
By Wendy S for Ascending Minds-10WomenClub Retreats on Nov 08, 2023
Thank you for your review, Wendy.
By Ascending Minds, LLC on Nov 08, 2023
My experience at the retreat was truly emotional! I made the decision solely to go to the retreat, which was a big step for me. I left transformed into a new person. This new person is full of love and peace. The retreat was the perfect place to let yourself experience and explore yourself with Jennifer teaching you exactly how to do that. I looked forward to our daily sessions. I was so relaxed afterwards. Never in my life have I ever been so relaxed. It was truly the best thing I ever did for myself.
By Vickie M for Ascending Minds-10WomenClub Retreats on Nov 03, 2023
Thank you, Vickie for your review! We are so happy you relaxed and were at ease in order to make room to heal.
By Ascending Minds, LLC on Nov 08, 2023
My experience on this retreat was more than I could have imagined. Everything flowed with ease from the time we arrived to the time we departed, with all details thoroughly thought out. Daily mindfulness activities were exceptional and facilitated with mindfulness and expertise to integrate into daily living with confidence. The beauty of the surrounding was other worldly and the accommodations and vibrant food exceptional. My heart is overflowing with gratitude. Thank you to every woman present.
By Kari U for Ascending Minds-10WomenClub Retreats on Nov 02, 2023
Thank you, Kari for your extensive review! We are happy you were pleased with the experience!
By Ascending Minds, LLC on Nov 08, 2023
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