100 Hr Ecosomatic Embodiment Practitioner Training USD

Xico, Ver., México

Duration: 15 days
Group size: 5 - 25
100 Hr Ecosomatic Embodiment Practitioner Training USD
Xico, Ver., México

Duration: 15 days
Group size: 5 - 25

About this trip

Living more fully in our bodies can help us answer many of our questions regarding how to live responsibly with and on the earth.

This training is about embodiment, the human being at home, each of us in our own body.
To be present in our body is a form of awareness, and it is a first step toward being kind to ourselves and other beings, humans and nonhumans. In coming into our body we become connected to our greater home, the earth, we become a part of the earth, and she a part of us.

What is out there is in us and what is in us is out there. The patterns that organize our own body are also found in the other organisms that are our evolutionary kin and in the living earth itself.

Embodiment is our original nature. Animals, everybody is fully embodied possibly all the time, certainly most of the time. The tree is just moment to moment embodying its flow, there is no pause, interruption, or truncation. We start at a pretty young age to interrupt our flow. It does not take many years for an infant to learn what behaviors are and isn't welcome from their environment. We are being socialized from day one.

Our frontal lobes have taken over in the last several years. Our behaviors are most prescribed by social norms and less engendered by our own bodily experiences.

Imagine. What it would feel like to dive below your social conditioning and express embodiment as it arises without this social conditioning in your body right now? This body, these sensations, no rules. Conscious or unconscious rules.

Learning is simultaneously a leap into the new and strange and also a return to what we already know deeply.

This training is an invitation to return to our source and remember ourselves along the way.
We need to rediscover connections, connections of all kinds. To the earth beneath our firmly planted feet. To the parts of our psyches that we have allowed to become alienated, the parts that need quiet and reflection, and the constant brush of the natural world that we actually evolved over a long time to enjoy. The deep connection to deep satisfaction.

EcoSomatics is about relationships, about noticing and living patterns of interconnectedness, about deepening our relationship with our body and its rhythms and the rhythms of the natural world. One of the intentions, as we heighten sensual awareness of the environment and track our perceptual biases, is to expand our ability to respond, our response-ability, and ultimately to recognize ourselves as active participants of the world.

See the full program: https://mariakiekari.com/tt100/

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