Marrakesh, Morocco

      T Barnes Global Lifestyle
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      38 reviews
      Duration: 7 days
      Group size: 1 - 20
      Marrakesh, Morocco

      T Barnes Global Lifestyle
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      38 reviews

      Duration: 7 days
      Group size: 1 - 20

      About this trip

      Black American people put 109 billion dollars in the travel market in 2019 and spend an average of $2078 on the ground as we travel. However we only own 2% of hotels in the global market. MWASI wants to increase that number. 

      Consider a $1000 investment in a Black Centered Healing and Restoration space in Marrakesh, Morocco. We have 6 days to meet our goal! This is TIME SENSITIVE! Your investment offers you a 6 night accommodation at Mwasi Healing and Restoration Center, Breakfast Daily and a Saturday Brunch. Book today! If you don't know what week you can come, just choose a week and we will change it later.


      We're providing a typical Mwasi Retreat Itinerary below for you to refer to when deciding what excursions you want to participate in. The excursions and meals must be booked prior to the Donors Week. No reservations will be made on-site due to Marrakesh's super busy tourism market. 


      Things we will need from each of you leading up to your week include:

      1. Flight Itinerary

      2. Pre-ordered excursions*

      3. Pre-ordered meals*

      *These are offered a la carte, and you will select what you want to participate in during this registration process. All the dinners are offered Moroccan family style and served at specific times. The meals will be pre-fixed menus and you will be able to select your meal choice when we get closer to your Donors Week. If you are participating in the tour on Wednesday and visiting Majorelle Gardens on Thursday, you will not need to purchase lunch on site.



      Arrival to Marrakesh and Mwasi Healing and Restoration Center


      2pm Lunch

      8pm Dinner


      9am-10am Breakfast

      2pm Lunch

      5pm Spa Appointments

      8pm Dinner at Out(Dinner ranges $45-$60 per person. Includes a show)


      9am-10am Breakfast

      10:30 am Departure to Jmaa el fna

      11:00 am Marrakesh Tour

      Lunch in the medina

      Shopping the souk

      8pm Dinner


      9am-10am Breakfast

      10:30am Departure to Majorelle Gardens

      11:30 am- 2pm Majorelle Gardens

      Lunch at the gardens

      2pm Lunch on site

      8pm Dinner


      5am Hot Air Balloon Ride

      6pm Camel rides to watch the sunset


      9 am -10am Breakfast

      11am Mwasi Brunch (hosted and included)


      Flight to New York

      We look forward to hosting you!  

      In love and the sprit of community,




      From September 2023 to December 2023, Mwasi Healing and Restoration Center will be embarking on a soft opening during our build and refurbishing period. Five (5) rooms will be made available each week, as an extension of our $1000 Investment program. It will allow us to continue to support our local staff, raise money for our community, test our new staff and systems. It also gives our supporters an opportunity to be a part of this movement from the birth stages and participate in the early thought-work going into creating a Black-centered retreat space. A space committed to healing Black life...and as a result healing the world around us.


      Post the soft opening period, Mwasi will continue the $1000 Investment Program through 2025 in our Bungalows. You can book a week from September 2, 2024.- December 15, 2025.

      We have availability for individual travelers for one week, arriving on a Monday and departing on a Sunday. The $1000 Investment represents a 50% discount on our weekly package and covers 6 night accommodations, breakfast daily and a special Saturday Brunch!

      Each guest must understand that this is a soft opening, we will be in the middle of renovations and building, our staff is new and learning. However, Mwasi has curated beautiful experiences for the past 3 years in Morocco and will offer the same excellent, heart-based service our community has grown to expect.

      Investors are more than welcome to simply relax on the property, and enjoy some rest and pool time. We have also created a typical Mwasi Retreat Itinerary in which you can choose to participate a la carte. The excursions must all be booked in advance so we can prepare the proper transport and reservations for the group. No bookings will be available on-site due to Marrakesh's super busy tourism market.

      Soft Opening Available Weeks are as follows:

      September 18-24, 2023: AVAILABLE
      September 25- October 1, 2023: AVAILABLE

      October 2-8, 2023: AVAILABLE
      October 16- 22, 2023: AVAILABLE
      October 23-29, 2023: AVAILABLE

      We will be hosting a property wide Investor's week September 2-8, 2024 and subsequent individual bookings September 9-December 14, 2025.

      We are so excited to welcome you into this community!
      Love, T.

      What’s included

      • Mwasi Accomodations
      • Breakfast Daily
      • Donor Brunch
        Fixed Menu will be provided
      • Flight
      • Excursions and Tourism
      • Lunch
      • Dinners

      Available Packages

      Trip Price

      Available options

      Your Organizer

      T Barnes Global Lifestyle
      38 reviews
      T. Barnes. Solana's Mama. Global Lifestyle Entrepreneur. Lover of Black People. Pan-Africanist. Humanitarian. Esthetician. Thinker. Speaker. Educator. Global Citizen.


      The trip was an amazing experience despite the pitfalls that we encountered; however, T. Barnes and team worked effortlessly to resolve the unexpected issues with excellency. The riad was so soothing, the staff and service was impeccable, the food was incredible and delicious. I cannot say enough about being treated as members of the family. The workshops were informative regarding the use of natural oils and herbs for healing and skincare. The Sahara desert was simply indescribable, this is where I would have enjoyed an additional day to just sit on the dunes and meditate on the creation of God's beauty. I look forward to the time when I will be able to return to enjoy more of what Morocco/Africa has to offer.
      By Krishna C for Heal From Crown to Sole on Nov 08, 2023
      My trip was unbelievable. The food was amazing and the atmosphere was extremely comfortable. I enjoyed learning the culture and shopping in the Souk. T. Barnes and S. Thurston you are the best travel planners ever. You made my first time in Morocco superb.
      By Kimberly P for Souking is a Verb 2023 on Nov 06, 2023
      Over the years I've been to many places with many people. I think this was one of the most fun experiences I've ever had. Everything wasn't perfect. When you travel in third world countries keep an open mind. When the few glitches arose, they were dealt with. Every effort was made to keep us safe and comfortable. Our base at Mwasi was amazing - beautiful, comfortable, great staff and convenient to the city. Food was absolutely fantastic. The trip "glamping" in the Sahara was mind blowing. I think it's a bit much to do for a week trip considering the overland travel. You need at least 10 days to do this comfortably. You also need more hours or two days to do justice to a visit to the Souk. Tanesha, it was uplifting meeting you and Jalaal. Good luck in expanding your community.
      By Leslie M. W for Heal From Crown to Sole on Nov 01, 2023
      We had a wonderful trip. The accommodations were beautiful along with the grounds. My pictures of the property look like a postcard. The staff were exceptionally friendly as was the owner. It made me feel like I was apart of their family. The food was delicious, I can honestly say that there was not one bad meal, whether it was lamb, chicken or just vegetables every morsel was delicious. The owners made sure to equip our group with guided shopping tours to ensure we got the best possibly price and best quality for items we intended to buy. I could go on and on from the spa treatment where we were oiled, scrubbed and massaged., that would be my very first stop when I return. Until we meet again T Barnes Global Lifestyle.
      By Beatrice M for Heal From Crown to Sole on Nov 01, 2023
      This was a an amazing trip. It was a smooth transition from transportation to lodging to activities. The driver was kind, friendly and timely. The hotel staff was welcoming and helpful. Every activity was carefully curated and enjoyed to the fullest. When flexibility was needed, it happened transparently. The way that I travel is forever transformed.
      By Galanda Annette B for Galanda's 50th Birthday in Bali! on Oct 27, 2023
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      All I can say is stellar! That is the word that comes to mind when I think about T Barnes and her global travel experiences. I had the extreme pleasure of having my first T. Barnes experience in 2018 to Indonesia and have since curated a series of retreats with her to Morocco and soon Senegal. Imagine, taking six of the most prolific pastors in the world to Morocco for a T Barnes experience and it being everything you thought it would be and more! From class to expertise, Tanesha never fails. As a global retreat leader, professionalism is my utmost concern and she always executes with full working knowledge, honesty and care. While honoring the wishes of each retreat leader for a customized and unique experience. In fact, when stuck in Morocco due to border closures recently, she transformed my business trip into a fully immersive Moroccan experience! It was the best vacation I never had! Lol! I’m looking forward to 2022 and the 5 retreats I have booked with many more to come in 2023! Trust T.Barnes with your global travel experience today! Tisha Dixon -Williams
      By Tisha D on 06 Jan, 2022
      I have traveled with TaNesha Barnes. This sentence holds so much power, let me tell you why. TaNesha is NOT a travel agent, she literally curates an experience for your a group, based on where you are going. She arranges for the travel, the accomodations, the excursions but not touristy stuff, oh no...that would be too pedestrian, too ordinary, not SPECIAL, not intentional. Not only is TaNesha a brilliant organizer that cares for the safety, well being, and satisfaction of her guest, she does so as a consummate professional with an amazing price point. Always. All the time. Consistently. And without consideration of how "others" do it. She is communicates and is responsive. Provides receipts and payment plans. Let's face it, trusting someone with your money, to do the right thing, who gives you more than your money's worth...practically unheard of. Our 2021 New Year's Eve trip to Ghana was unfortunately postponed due to COVID-19 related issues. It was a Group trip so all decisions were made corporately. Leading up to the trip, we had emails and zoom calls and were so very excited, but then the outbreaks and shutdowns started up again. TaNesha gave us the information on what was going on with the airlines, the hotel, the climate of traveling during a pandemic. Some persons were feeling apprehensive (who wants to be stuck, for an indeterminate amount of time in another country if there is a lock-down?) and some were not concerned and were willing to go. Some people had jobs to come back to, some had children to care for...it was alot, but, TaNesha laid out the facts and had the group to make the decision. It was ours to make, we decided to postpone, which was for the best. Times are too uncertain to not know if you will be able to enter or leave a foreign country!! We are all paid up so when we do go, we just need to go to the airport and get on the plane!! The most difficult thing you will have to deal with, when dealing with TaNesha, is deciding which trip/experience you are going to take with her. TaNesha cares for you the way a concierge at a 5 diamond hotel, with your own personal butler would...except, she has developed relationships with people and organizations in ALL of the locales in which she travels and plans trips, before you get there so there are no mishaps. Even down to the meals and the T. Barnes Dinner Party (an amazing dinner for the trip participants). And if there does happen to be a situation, like Olivia Pope..."it's handled". Because TaNesha is not a travel agent and her name is on everything and her reputation on the line, she goes above and beyond, always, to make sure you are good. If I could, I would travel on a TaNesha Barnes experience everytime, she does it right!
      By Antonietta W on 06 Jan, 2022
      I have been traveling with Tbarnes Global Lifestyle Retreats since 2018. As a single traveler, Tbarnes is a great communicator, detailed oriented and transparent. These are all of the qualities that I needed to feel secure. In 2021, I was supposed to celebrate New Years in Ghana. As a result of the new variant Omicron, Tbarnes immediately scheduled a zoom meeting to provide updates concerning flight cancellation, Covid protocols in Ghana and the what ifs scenarios. As a group, we collectively agreed to reschedule the trip to Ghana to 2022 in hopes that the pandemic will be under control and that we can enjoy the Motherland. As of today, Tbarnes continues to keep the group updated on the trip and any additional itinerary ideas. If you are single and is looking to travel the world, Tbarnes Global Lifestyle Retreats will suit your needs.
      By Eboni D on 06 Jan, 2022
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