12 day Adventure Tour: Walks through Ancient Armenia

Sisian, Армения

Liza Korston
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Jul 28 - Aug 8, 2018
Group size: 8 - 20
12 day Adventure Tour: Walks through Ancient Armenia
Sisian, Армения

Liza Korston
  • Email address verified

Jul 28 - Aug 8, 2018
Group size: 8 - 20

About this trip


There is no place more picturesque and more fragrant for summer holidays, than warm, magical Armenia! A fascinating practice and epic mountain climbing this season with the accompaniment of an Indian bell and a cup of Armenian freshly brewed coffee! Let's Go!

Attention! We do not go on tourist routes, our guide shows places that only he knows and nobody else! Churches of the 4th century, gorges, mountain trails, rock monasteries, vishapas, petroglyphs, places that are non existent on the map and which can not be found on the Internet. The program is exclusive!

In our programme:


- Transformational Practice (Very subtle, mystical and ancient practice of the Himalayan Yogis)

- Sukshma-Vyayama and Pranayama in the Caucasian Mountains, Sleeping Vlcanoes, Gorges and near Ancient Churches

- Body Biomechanics (help of a qualified yoga therapist to your body)

- Power Yoga (Tabata Protocol)

- THE SUGAR OF THE PROGRAM: The whole program, because this time we are exploring the exclusive places of Syunik and Karabakh + climbing the Azhdahak volcano

- Bonus - daily reading of the sacred text

What’s included

  • Yoga
    Morning and evening yoga practices
  • Housing
    Double accommodation in private cottages with all amenities
  • Volcano Trek
    Climbing the volcano Azhdahak, accompanied by guides and jeeps
  • Equipment
    ll equipment, ie tents, sleeping bags, camp kitchen for climbing
  • Trek Jeeps
    Escort of vehicles during the hike
  • Veg Food
    Fresh vegetarian meals (breakfasts)
  • Drinks&Sweets
    Tea, coffee, herbal preparations, sweets for group
  • Fresh Bonus
    Watermelons :)
  • Special Accomodation
    Accommodation in a country house in Nagorno-Karabakh
  • Guide
    Personal guide services
  • Driver
    Personal driver services, comfortable mini-veins per group (including "loaves" depending on the weather conditions and the potency of the route)
  • VIP
    Exclusive excursion program
  • Flights
  • Dinners

Available Packages

Before June the 1st
Available until July 15, 2018
Deposit: $280
Before July the 1st
Available until July 15, 2018
Deposit: $300
From July the 1st
Available until July 15, 2018
Deposit: $320

Available options

Bring 1 friend get 5% discount
Bring 2 friends get 10% discount
Families and couples - 7%
Big Families (from 3 person) - 10%
Students - 3%
Pensioners - 5%


DAY 1 July 28th
"From the ship to the ball!"

 Early in the morning on Saturday we arrive to the Yerevan airport and while the city is still asleep, we store up an excellent Armenian coffee and advance towards the mysterious rock monastery Geghard. The monastery was founded presumably in the 4th century AD, in the rocks, and is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Previously, the Great Spear of Destiny, by which the Roman legionary Longinus pierced the crucified Christ, was stored in the monastery of Geghard. The place is filled with powerful ancient energy. After leaving the monastery of Geghard, we will visit an equally spectacular structure - the pagan temple of the god Mihra in Garni, built in the 2nd century BC and the ruins of the impregnable fortress of Vokhchaberd. Leaving the temple, we will go down the path down to the rocks, where we can contemplate the lava stiffened in the form of a stone body - a spectacle that amazes with its grandeur and magnificence! In the rapidly approaching twilight, the view of the rocky temples among the snowy peaks of the Caucasus will surely make an indelible impression on you. After this wonderful action, we are heading to the best hotel in the village of Garni, where we will be offered a traditional Armenian dinner of fresh vegetarian dishes, and we will conduct an excellent introductory yoga practice! 

Who’s interested

Your Organizer

Liza Korston
Manager of the retreat and translator to English/Chinese languages. Founder of retreat center "Sukshma Sthula Karana"